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  • Ginevra Floridi, Italy, BSc Economics

    Ginevra Floridi

    "There were many reasons I chose to study at Essex, mainly the international reputation of the University and the high ranking of the Department of Economics. I was also attracted to the multiculturalism of the Colchester Campus and excited by the prospect of meeting people from around the world. I recently joined the Japanese Society and I’m now learning conversational Japanese with the help of new friends!

    Having directly experienced the stimulating environment of my Department, I can see how the quality of its research positively impacts the quality of teaching and access to academic resources. During my first year I took advantage of the outside module options and studied Introduction to International Relations, which did not tie in directly with economics but broadened my interest in related subjects and developed my knowledge of international affairs. As a current third-year student, I have focused on econometrics and mathematical economics, as I believe the analytical skills I gain will prove beneficial for a career as a demographer."

  • Swathi Kantharaja, India, MSc Computer Science

    Swathi Kantharaja

    "I decided to study at Essex because of the University’s reputation as being internationally diverse, as well as it being one of the forerunners in the field of computer science offering numerous combinations of modules. I wanted to study computer science to further my prior knowledge and experience in the area, especially as it is currently an extremely innovative topic.

    I really enjoyed living as part of a community on our Colchester Campus; there was a really vibrant and friendly atmosphere. The facilities on offer, especially in the library, are state-of-the-art and helped immensely with my learning. I also loved the surrounding areas, including the lake as this is very beautiful. Finally, having a place such as the Happy Days diner, which gave us somewhere to congregate and eat together was really nice, and allowed me to see all of my friends together.

    I feel that the various modules I have studied will prepare me extremely well for working as a software developer as they are all relevant to the present world. I really enjoyed my time at Essex and would definitely recommend it to prospective students, especially those who are considering studying abroad."

  • Ariel Vazquez Carranza, Mexico, MA Linguistic Studies and PhD Sociolinguistics

    Ariel Vazquez Carranza

    "After doing my first degree in Mexico, I came to Essex for my Masters because the modules offered as part of my course were very appealing and I knew staff in the Department of Language and Linguistics had worldwide recognition for their work.

    During my Masters at Essex, I learnt about the methodology of conversation analysis and became hooked on this and its findings on the organisation of talk, so decided to pursue a PhD and investigate Spanish conversation with this methodology, as this has not been done before. I received a grant, the Overseas Research Award’s Scheme, as well as a University of Essex postgraduate scholarship. Without this funding I would not have been able to do my PhD.

    Essex is the perfect university for my PhD studies since my supervisor is an outstanding conversation analyst, as well as very helpful and supportive of my work. What I enjoy most about being here is the opportunity to learn new transferable skills and improve my academic skills, as this will help me in my future career. I find there is a good atmosphere for study at the Colchester Campus, particularly because of the beautiful park in which the University is located.

    After graduating, I would like to find a job in academia and continue my research in conversation analysis in Mexican Spanish."

  • Annie Bird, USA, LLM International Human Rights Law

    Annie Bird

    "The LLM International Human Rights Law at Essex is the ideal opportunity to expand your knowledge of the field and meet some amazing people. I heard all this before I came here but, I must say, graduate study at Essex has far surpassed my expectations.

    One distinct advantage of Essex and the course is the community that it creates. The setting really lends itself to building relationships with your peers. Not only do we attend classes, talks and other academic functions together but because we all live near each other, we can get together socially too, which means we really get to know one another. You leave Essex not only with colleagues but friends from all over the world.

    A second advantage is the breadth and depth of the teaching team. The opportunity to spend a term in conversation with some of the greatest minds in the field offers an unparalleled opportunity for students to gain a unique perspective on key debates in human rights - a chance that would be difficult to attain otherwise.

    On a personal level, I have learned a great deal from the modules on Law of Armed Conflict, Refugee Law, Law of Peacekeeping and Criminal Law. What’s more, the University offers a number of opportunities to apply knowledge outside of the classroom representing Essex at the Jean-Pictet Competition of International Humanitarian Law was the highlight of my year. In addition, due to the selection of Essex for the UK-India Education Research Initiative on Democracy and Children’s Rights, I am excited to be able to conduct research on the impact of this conflict on children in Kashmir this summer.

    My time at Essex has been exciting and demanding, both academically and personally. The challenges have been well worth it, as I have left Essex feeling well equipped with skills for my future career. My year spent at Essex will be one that I’ll never forget."

  • Jiang Li, China, BSc Banking and Finance

    Jiang Li

    "I chose to study in the Essex Business School because of its excellent reputation. I have found the School to be supportive; tutors are always there when you need them, and are very helpful and patient.

    The library is my favourite place; it is a perfect place to either study or relax. If you go up to the higher floors the view of the beautiful, green Colchester Campus and lake is amazing!

    Here at Essex, there are loads of sports clubs and societies to get involved in. I think they are a great way to help students to fully immerse themselves in university life and create a balance between study and relaxation. I have joined the fencing club it is really good because its members come from all over the world, everybody is really friendly and it hosts regular events giving students the chance to meet and chat to other people in the club.

    I have really loved every minute of the time I have spent at Essex - I will never forget my time here!"

  • Nazli Sila Cesur, Turkey, MA and PhD Political Theory

    "I wanted to undertake my postgraduate study at Essex as I knew the Department of Government was one of the best in the UK. I was then really pleased with my MA Political Theory, so decided to stay here for my PhD.

    I am really enjoying being a research student at the University. By that, I mean I have been given the opportunity to choose my own topic for my PhD and am able to lead my own research; I’ve found the experience of taking a huge responsibility for my own self and my success very exciting. I also like attending the research seminars offered by my Department, as I find it a great way to meet others and exchange ideas.

    Our Colchester Campus is quite compact, which I think is advantageous for students as you have everything you need like a post office, library and banks on site, and can easily meet up with your friends. The University is also close to London, which makes day trips to the capital possible.

    After completing my PhD, I would like to have a career in academia and am particularly keen to stay in the UK. Having studied at the UK’s top department for politics will certainly help my future plans."

  • Fumiyo Nakatsuhara, Japan, Pre-sessional English, MA and PhD Linguistics

    Fumiyo Nakatsuhara

    "I came to Essex with great expectations but some anxiety about living in a different environment. I wanted to be as prepared as possible so I attended the six-month pre-sessional English course. All the teachers and administrative staff were friendly, and the classes and social events were great fun. As a result, when I started my course I had already made many friends and was well-accustomed to writing essays. I felt very at home and really appreciated the dedicated attention from my tutors.

    I enjoyed all the modules on the MA and obtained a distinction. I was fortunate enough to be awarded an Overseas Research Students Scholarship and a University of Essex Postgraduate Research Scholarship for my PhD.

    My research is on language testing under the supervision of Mr Tony Lilley, OBE. PhD students are lucky to have allocated space in an office and I have lovely colleagues to exchange ideas. The department also supported me in presenting papers at national and international conferences giving me the experience of meeting language testers from all around the world. My MA dissertation was awarded an IELTS Masters Award and my paper was accepted by an international journal.

    In addition to my studies, I have enjoyed teaching Japanese, jogging around the beautiful campus and visiting places in the UK and Europe. Essex has provided me with great opportunities in an international environment and I am very grateful to all the people I have met and the doors they have helped me open."

  • Monica Bernsten, Norway, BSc Psychology

    Monica Bernsten

    "I wanted to study at Essex because I knew the University had a strong focus on research, particularly cognitive and neuropsychology. I also liked the fact that the University was close to London and had a very diverse student body, with representatives from many different countries and cultures.

    I found settling into student life at Essex very straightforward. For example, when I first arrived at the University, coming from Norway, I was met by a student who took the time to show me my accommodation, get my keys, and gave me a quick tour of the campus.

    I was particularly impressed with the Department of Psychology, as staff were always available and very motivated to help students. I wanted extra experience in research, so was given two research projects to be involved in, which has led to me writing two articles. Alongside this, the practical and research-based coursework that I undertook was both challenging and interesting. I learned a lot, both from the intellectually stimulating conversations I had with my advisor and from team work activities with other students on my course.

    I am currently in the process of completing my Masters degree in Chicago in the USA. After that I am planning to return to Essex to undertake my PhD Psychology."

  • Abdulrahman Al-Fahad, Saudi Arabia, MA Linguistics

    "A friend of mine who studied at Essex recommended it to me, and because it has one of the best language and linguistics departments in the UK I decided to come to do a Masters degree here. I am finding my course very interesting and I am really enjoying it.

    I share a flat in the Quays with other postgraduate students, many of whom are now my friends. I have also met friends through the Islamic Society and the volleyball club. I would strongly advise anyone to come to Essex because it has an excellent academic reputation and it offers a great environment for study."

  • Winnie Igbokwe, Nigeria, International Foundation Programme and LLB Law

    Winnie Igbokwe

    "I came to Essex because of its good reputation and I studied the one-year foundation programme. Staff within the Essex Pathways Department were fantastic at helping me settle in and I soon felt right at home.

    The modules I studied provided me with a well-rounded foundation to undertake my LLB Law with confidence.

    There is a lot of support and social such as the Law Society Ball and Welcome Week in the first term, give students an opportunity to make friends soon after arriving."

  • Ysai Laumen, the Netherlands, MSc International Marketing and Entrepreneurship

    Ysai Laumen

    "I decided to come to Essex because of its close proximity to London – I study at the Southend Campus, which is only 45 minutes away.

    I found it easy to settle into university life at Essex, mainly because of my time in the accommodation, University Square . You’re surrounded by students almost 24/7, so you never feel bored or lonely.

    Because Southend is quite a small campus, the people you live with tend to be studying the same, or related courses to you and so often share very similar interests. As an international student, living in halls was great – I came here knowing no one and have now made friends for life.

    The academic and administrative staff helped make me feel comfortable from the off – in my very first week, the support I received was fantastic, which as an international student, I really appreciated, as the whole environment was completely new to me, and I didn’t really know where to start.

    I have learnt a lot from my time at Essex. My modules deal with the most important aspects in business: innovation and marketing. The real-life examples and case-studies used in the lectures, as well as the workshops and extra seminars, with guest speakers have been particularly useful.

    Before I came to Essex, I knew I wanted to build my own online business, and thanks to one of the workshops organised by my Department, I met a local business owner. We are now going to scale his products to my country, which is very exciting, and shows how valuable these events can be. Essex has definitely helped me to build my future."

  • Melanie Lim Kwet, Mauritius, BA International Relations

    Melanie Lim Kwet

    "I chose to study at Essex due to the large number of international students; I knew I would fit in and make friends living on campus. The wide range of academic and social facilities enables you to settle and adjust to your new surroundings easily.

    The Department is internationally recognised and I knew I would receive an education of outstanding quality."