Your passport and visa

We recommend that you keep photocopies of your main passport pages and visa in a safe place, away from the originals.
If you travel outside the UK, carry photocopies in a separate bag to your original passport and visa.

If you have a new passport

If you have been issued with a new passport and your old passport contained your Entry Clearance sticker (visa) you can apply to the Home Office to have your visa transferred into your new passport. You will complete a form and pay and application fee.

If you still have your old passport that contains the Entry Clearance sticker (visa) you can continue to travel using both your new and old passport, you do not have to apply to transfer your visa into your new passport.

If your passport is lost or stolen

Report it to the police and contact your embassy. If your visa was a sticker inside your passport you will need to apply to transfer it to your new passport when you get it, see the information above.

If you're outside the UK and would like advice, contact our International Services Team advisers either by email or by completing our online enquiry form.

Your visa

Your visa will either be a sticker in your passport or an identity card called a Biometric Residence Card (BRP). The majority of our students will have a Tier 4 visa that will either be an Entry Clearance sticker in their passport or a BRP. Some students may have other types of immigration permission.

Check your visa

If your Biometrics Residence Permit (BRP) is lost or stolen

You will need to apply for a new one immediately. If you are outside the UK you will have to apply for a single entry visa to re-enter the UK and then when you are back in the UK apply for a replacement BRP.

Changes to your details or circumstances

If you change anything after your arrival, for instance you move address or you extend your visa, you must ensure you inform the relevant authorities such as the Home Office, the Police if you have a Police Registration Certificate and the University (via myEssex).

If you have a Tier 4 visa read the UKCISA guidance ‘Protecting your Tier 4 student immigration status’. This includes information on what to do if your details and/or circumstances have changed.