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Immigration enquiry form

International student support is integrated at the University of Essex and so various departments and services at the University provide documents, advice and guidance to our students and applicants

The reason for my enquiry is:

All other enquiries

Please fill in all sections of the form below. Once submitted, this form will be sent to Student Support who aim to respond to enquiries via email within five working days. Please do not chase us for a reply until after this time. We may prioritise enquiries we believe to be urgent.

Confidentiality and disclosing information to the Home Office

The information gathered in the enquiry form will be used to answer your enquiry and treated in line with Student Support's Confidentiality Policy. However, please note that if you have a Tier 4 visa, as your sponsor, the University of Essex may be required to report certain information you disclose to us, to the Home Office. Further details are available to read in the Home Office Guidance for Sponsor Applications - Tier 4. If you are concerned about this please direct your enquiry to the Students' Union Advice Centre in the first instance as they are an independent advice service.

All fields marked with a * are compulsory.

Enquiry form
Today's Date: 03/03/2015
Have you already received immigration advice on this issue?
If yes, who from?
(Please give details of advice received in 'Details of enquiry' at the end of this form)
If you have been referred to Student Support please advise who by:
Personal Details
Family Name*:  
Email address*:
If you have a current @essex email address, please provide this. If not, please give your personal email address.
Please give your UCAS, PG or Registration (for current Essex students) number:
Your current location:
If overseas, home country or elsewhere details:
Your study/planned study

Level of study:

Title of course of study*:  
Visa details

[Please note: If you are a current University of Essex student and your enquiry is regarding extending your visa in the UK under Tier 4, or you think you may have broken the conditions of your immigration permission you should not complete this form. Please contact the Students' Union Advice Centre]
Current UK Visa:
Valid from
Expiry Date
If Tier 4 visa what date did you apply for it (when was the application fee paid)?
If you are applying for a visa:
What category are you applying under?

If you selected 'Other' for the previous question, please state your category here:
What date did/will you apply?
Where did/will you apply?
Details of previous study in the UK:
Details of Enquiry*: