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Applying for a visa

Your Tier 4 (General) application

The University of Essex is a licensed Tier 4 Highly Trusted Sponsor for Tier 4 (General).

You must make sure that you are eligible to apply, complete the correct application form, send the correct fee and read and understand the Tier 4 Immigration Rules and Policy Guidance.

If you are from a 'low risk' country specified by the Home Office you may not have to supply all the documents at the time of the application but will have to provide them if the Home Office request them.

If you are starting a new course, the earliest you can make your Tier 4 application is 3 (three) months before the course start date stated on your CAS.

  • Essential reading

  • CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies)

    You will need a CAS from the University. When you receive your CAS, check that all the details are correct. A CAS can only be used for one application.

  • Evidence of your qualifications

    If there are qualifications mentioned in your CAS under "evidence used to obtain offer" then you must provide these with your application. Documents must be original and meet the Home Office requirements.

  • Your finances

    You must provide the required original evidence that you have sufficient funds for your tuition fees and to meet the maintenance costs specified in the Home Office Tier 4 Policy Guidance (.pdf). All University of Essex campuses are considered to be "outside London" for the purposes of Tier 4.

    If you are self-funding and relying on bank statements as evidence, they must show the full amount required for tuition fees and maintenance costs, less tuition fees paid as stated on CAS, plus up to £1020 of accommodation paid as stated on the CAS. The bank statements must meet ALL the requirements and you must hold the whole amount for a continuous 28 days. The balance must not fall below the minimum amount on any day.

    Available funds for maintenance while studying at Essex

    If this is your first time studying in the UK you must show you have £820 per calendar month for each month of your course up to a maximum of nine months, maximum is £7380. If the course duration includes a part of a month this will be rounded up, for example if your course is 7 months and 2 weeks long you must show you have enough money for 8 months. If you have been studying in the UK and hold a valid Tier 4 (General) visa you may have an "established presence", if so you can show less; a maximum of £1640. It is important that you check the Tier 4 Policy Guidance to ensure you meet all the criteria. If you have recently had a Tier 4 application rejected or refused in the UK and have become an overstayer you will not have established presence.

    University accommodation fees: The Home Office will allow you to count a maximum of £1020 of fees you have paid to the University for accommodation towards your total maintenance requirements. If you have already paid the University some or all of your accommodation fees this can be shown on your CAS. If you pay after your CAS is produced or if you believe the amount shown is incorrect, please ask for it to be amended. For example, if you have paid £3,000 to the University for your accommodation, only £1020 will be taken from the total maintenance amount by the Home Office and you must show that you have the remaining £6360 or, £620 if you have established presence.

    Available funds for tuition fees

    You must be able to show you have a year's tuition fees.

    If you have paid part or all of your tuition fees the amount you have paid should show on your CAS. If you pay tuition fees after your CAS is produced or if you believe the amount shown is incorrect, please ask for it to be amended.

    Further guidance

    Read the UKCISA guidance on applying for a Tier 4 (General) visa from overseas or applying from within the UK.

  • How to apply for a Tier 4 (General) visa