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Robyn Emerton, Mia Harris, Eka IakobishviliVariousTransgender Prisoners:Cross-Level Perspectives21/03/201713:00Speaker series
Dr Harry Nikolaidis, Dr Patricia Palacios Zuloaga, Dr Gus Waschefort University of Essex Are Human Rights International Institutions in Crisis?08/03/201714:00Speaker series
John Halford Bindmans LLPThe Batank Kali case and historical wrongdoing 28/02/201713:00Speaker series
Dr Andrew Fagan, Professor Colin J Samson, Dr Carlos GigouxVariousMini conference: The challenges of Reconciling Cultural Diversity and Human Rights 22/02/201714:00Speaker series
Vicky PraisFCO and Prisoners AbroadProtecting the Human Rights of British Nationals in Detention Around the World: A view from the Coalface21/02/201713:00Speaker series
Dr Sanae FujitaUniversity of EssexSharp Decline of Freedom of Expression in Japan14/02/201713:00Speaker series
Professor Anna LawsonUniversity of LeedsHuman Rights Centre Seminar Series - speaker Prof Anna Lawson07/02/201713:00 
Dr Dimitrina PetrovaEqual Rights TrustGlobal Trends in the Development of Equality Law31/01/201713:00 
Dr Daragh Murray, Professor Noam Lubell, Professor Charles GarrawayUniversity of EssexLaunching of The Practitioners Guide to Human Rights Law in Armed Conflict 25/01/201714:00 
Andrew Walker Eat the Heart of the Infidel: The Harrowing of Nigeria and the Rise of Boko Haram24/01/201713:00