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Recruiting staff

This page provides a range of information about recruiting new staff. If you have any questions and can't find the answers here, please just email us on or get in touch with your HR Contact.

Requesting permission for a post

Permission to recruit needs to be obtained by the recruiting manager prior to creating a requisition in iTrent. To start the approval process you will need to access Agresso.

The below documents are restricted to Essex staff only.

Advertising, shortlisting and interviewing

Making a staff appointment - job offers

Making a staff appointment - contracts

Our University must ensure that anyone undertaking work on its behalf is engaged on the correct terms. This is important to make sure everyone is treated fairly but also to ensure the University complies with its legal obligations. We use the following types of contract and agreements. These are examples as all are now issued by HR.

Permanent employment contracts

  • Open ended contracts for academic (.pdf) and professional (.pdf) staff. To action a formal contract, use a HRAP1 appointment form (.docx).
  • It's possible to have an open ended (permanent) contract where hours are varied annually, usually in response to student demand.
  • Some employees may choose to work annualised hours where a total number of hours for the year are agreed but to a pattern agreed with their line manager, for example someone may only work term time or may vary their hours to meet times of peak demand.

Fixed term employment contracts

Contracts can be for a fixed period but there must be a justifiable reason (.pdf) why the contract is only for a fixed term. Guidance on the use of fixed term contracts (.pdf) sets out the reasons why we might use a fixed term contract and how to manage these contracts.

There are fixed term contracts for academic and professional staff. To action a formal contract, use a HRAP1 appointment form (.docx). Fixed term teachers are on a professional staff contract but please use the FTT appointment form (.docx).

GTA and GLA fixed term employment contracts

Contracts for student teachers and lab assistants are fixed term contracts that will come to an end when the student completes their studies. An umbrella contract is in place which is activated when the student begins a work engagement. All contracts must be accompanied by a job description.

Casual agreement

Casual agreements are open ended agreements for workers that allow 'as and when' casual engagements, with each engagement usually no longer than 12 weeks.