18 April 2013: Prof Rainer Schulze took part in the recent International Roma Day held in Rome, Italy

Professor Rainer Schulze took part in the festivities of International Roma Day on 7 April 2013 at the Teatro Valle Occupato in Rome, Italy. As part of the day’s events, the Italian translation of Paul Polansky’s collection of poetry on Germany’s forced deportations of Kosovo Roma, Il Pianto Degli Zingari, was launched with poetry readings, short performances and an exhibition of drawings and photographs.

Professor Schulze wrote the epilogue to the poetry collection, ‘Germany, Roma from Kosovo, and a Responsibility that will not go away’, which sets out the historical context of the human rights disaster facing the Kosovo Roma, so that readers understand the issues that Paul Polansky raises in his stark and often provocative poems. The epilogue is now used by UNHCR security staff in Kosovo to inform them of the background to the return of these Roma to Kosovo and help them assess better the physical and psychological state of the returnees.

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