25 November 2010: Dr Matthias Röhrig Assunção speaks at the Zumbi dos Palmares Capoeira Angola Meeting 2010


Amazonas Capoeira Angola has the privilege to invite you to this year's event with special guests Mestre Carlao (Kabula), Mestre Guara (ECAP), Mestre Zangado (Cordao de Ouro) and Dr Matthias Rohrig Assuncao (University of Essex).

Mestre Carlao is the founder of the organisation Kabula, with branches in Rio de Janerio, Austin USA and London. Mestre Carlao brings not only years of experience in capoeira angola, but also an approach to the teaching and practice of this artform that encompasses music, movement, percussion, theatre and philosophy. He will be accompanied by his wife Daniella Monteiro, an accomplished singer and samba dancer, who will also be giving a class in Samba Carioca.

Mestre Guara is one of the personalities in the capoeira world, and those who have met him are unlikely to forget him! He has been involved in capoeira angola since first encountering it on the streets of Rio over 30 years ago, and his School of Capoeira Angola Paris (ECAP) has been established since 1998. He is longterm friend of Amazonas, and it is a pleasure to have him back supporting our Zumbi event 2010.

Mestre Zangado is the elder brother of the Amazonas family and has been working with capoeira in Marseille for over ten years. Nordestino sim senhor!

Dr Matthias Röhrig Assunção is an author, historian and researcher, widely respected throughout the capoeira world. Amongst his publications is the acclaimed historical work Capoeira. The History of an Afro-Brazilian Martial Art, required reading for anyone with a serious interest in the art form and its roots. Dr Matthias will be giving a lecture entitled Zumbi dos Palmares: Myth and History which will clarify and dispel many of the myths and legends surrounding this figure.

When: 26, 27, 28 November 2010

Where: Queensbridge Sports and Community Centre, 30 Holly Street, Hackney, London, E8 3XW
Friday 26th November: Time: 6pm-10pm.
Saturday 27th November: Time: 1pm-6pm.
Sunday 28th November: Time: 12.30pm-6pm.

How Much:
3 days (free entry to party): £50/£45 in advance
2 days: £40.00/£35.00 in advance
Sat/Sun: £20.00. Friday: £15.00

Festa: Charlies Wrights International Bar - Look out for the big man himself behind the bar! 45 Pitfield St; N1 6DA

More Information. Contact:
Rejane: 07984 537020
Rilene: 07984 757689

Please bring your berimbau if you have one / borrow one if you don't. Music lessons guaranteed!

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