10 August 2016: History at Essex in the top 10 for student satisfaction

The latest National Student Survey results places History at the University of Essex in the top 10 for student satisfaction once again.

Essex is ranked 9th nationally after 97% of history students said they were satisfied with their course.

The University of Essex as a whole is also ranked joint 8th out of all English mainstream universities* - the fourth year in a row Essex has been ranked in the top 10.

From African-American slavery to Stalin’s Russia; from households in Essex to witchcraft in Germany; from the history of disease to revolutions in China. Essex students are able to focus in on fascinating areas of early modern and modern history.

Undergraduate director in the Department of History Dr Mark Frost said: “We try to take students beyond what they might have become accustomed to, by making the history we teach diverse, challenging yet accessible. Both our academics and support staff put a lot of extra effort into making the experience of each individual student as rewarding as possible.”

Note: We define mainstream universities as non-specialist Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) with a survey population of at least 500 excluding further education colleges and small and specialist HEIs.

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