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10 August 2016: History at Essex in the top 10 for student satisfaction

29 July 2016: History students learning digital skills to map out their research

29 July 2016: Nadine Rossol speaking at Schools Event on Democracy and Dictatorship in Nazi Germany

27 May 2016: Professor Rainer Schulze co-organising international conference

15 May 2016: Discover the reality of the 18th century slave trade by taking a voyage on the Hare

22 April 2016: Professor Rowlands gives lecture to the History Society in Rothenburg

15 February 2016: PhD student Joanna Crosby discussing Victorian diets

20 January 2016: Bourne Mill: A Window onto Colchester’s Working Past

18 January 2016: "Some people go travelling for a few years in their 20s; I've gone time-travelling" Essex History Student Alice Violett on why she loves her PhD in the Guardian

07 January 2016: Bourne Mill: A Window onto Colchester's Working Past

16 December 2015: Lisa Smith helps decipher Shakespeare’s world

15 December 2015: “On tenterhooks” for pedal-powered conference about history of Bourne Mill

11 December 2015: Essex historian helps decipher Shakespeare’s world

02 December 2015: Prof. Matthias Assuncao's Film 'Body Games: Capoeira and Ancestry' wins awards from Royal Historical Society and in Angola

30 November 2015: Essex History professor’s film wins Public History Prize

18 November 2015: Sean Kelly's Society for the History of the African Diaspora Biographies Project makes news in Brazil

06 November 2015: Sharing memories of National Service

05 November 2015: Essex Historian Lisa Smith's Project Shortlisted for History of Science Prize

23 October 2015: Report on ‘Concepts of Knowledge: Thomas Plume in Context’ Conference

15 October 2015: Learning lessons from the Holocaust through the Dora Love Prize

02 October 2015: Student’s research at Essex Records Office featured in Essex Chronicle

30 September 2015: Honorary Senior Lecturer speaks in Chile

08 July 2015: Helping UK Holocaust Educational Trust Ambassadors understand persecution of the Roma

06 July 2015: Launch conference highlights potential of Digital Humanities

23 June 2015: Dr John Ashdown-Hill recognised in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List

18 June 2015: Body Games showing at RAI Festival in Bristol

11 June 2015: Professor Rainer Schulze to discuss Holocaust film in Paris

08 June 2015: Professor Matthias Röhrig Assunção - Debating the documentary Valongo Docks Memories

01 June 2015: Gypsy Roma Traveller History Month

15 May 2015: Body Games. Capoeira and Ancestry

05 May 2015: Documenting Nazi Atrocities - Early Films on the Liberation of the Camps

05 May 2015: 'Humanity After the Holocaust: The Jewish Relief Unit 1943 - 1950' exhibition launch

13 April 2015: Prof Röhrig Assunção to give 2015 Aiton Lecture

08 April 2015: "Not a name one ever forgot": The lasting impact of the liberation of Bergen-Belsen

06 March 2015: Historian's play investigates cruelty of the slave trade

04 February 2015: Dr David Rundle discusses Wolf Hall

30 January 2015: Prof Raven elected Deputy Chairman of English Speaking Union of the Commonwealth

27 January 2015: Why should we remember the Holocaust?

23 January 2015: Prof Schulze attending European Roma Information Office Conference

23 January 2015: Holocaust Memorial Week 2015 - Essex chosen as one of the hosts of the 70 candles for 70 years project!

19 December 2014: Film Screening of 'Valley of Sighs' in January 2015

10 December 2014: Joanna Crosby on BBC Radio 3 Early Music Programme: Saturday 27 December 2pm

28 November 2014: Professor Rainer Schulze speaks on the Holocaust in history and memory

27 November 2014: Dr David Rundle wins funding for digital manuscripts project

24 November 2014: Paid Project Management Posts for Essex Graduates

16 November 2014: Dr Nadine Rossol to speak at Chelmsford's German circle on Germany's First World War remembrance

13 November 2014: Capoeira Film in London

12 November 2014: Post-Atrocity Reconciliation: The Relevance of History and Memory

12 November 2014: Human Rights Research and the Importance of History

04 November 2014: Doctoral training partnership to support hundreds of PhD students

03 November 2014: Dr Amanda Flather: General Editor of Six Volumes on the History of the Home

16 October 2014: Capoeira Documentary to be screened in Portugal!

06 October 2014: Anything learned from the Holocaust? CNN interview with Prof. Rainer Schulze and filmmaker Andre Singer

27 September 2014: Dr Matthew Grant gives Cold War talk to Essex Historical Association

15 September 2014: Centre for Bibliographical History launches Latin Summer School

04 September 2014: Professor James Raven lecture at Oxford's Bodleian Library

05 August 2014: Professor Steve Smith made Fellow of the British Academy

30 July 2014: Honorary degree for Essex history graduate who helped uncover Richard III

14 July 2014: Second award for History Lecturer's Capoeira film

26 June 2014: Essex historian featured on new BBC2 series

26 June 2014: Essex History lecturer's film picks up award at Zanzibar International Film Festival

18 June 2014: New book by James Raven

30 May 2014: Doctoral student wins research grant

28 May 2014: 2014 Dudley White Local History Lecture

15 May 2014: Joseph Cozens, History PhD student, receives prize

30 April 2014: La révolution, c’est nous! - Student radicals of 1968 at Essex and beyond

17 April 2014: Dr Amanda Wilkinson speaks to 'Woman's Hour'

21 March 2014: Centre for Bibliographical History Special Collections course

12 March 2014: Building the new university: the architecture of Essex and its context

06 March 2014: David Rundle to speak in Rome

06 March 2014: Professor James Raven to speak at Stanford University

24 February 2014: Forthcoming conference: Asia's 'Great' War - 22 March 2014

24 February 2014: Dr Xun Zhou featured in the South China Morning Post

21 February 2014: Professor James Raven speaks at Yale

20 February 2014: Dr David Rundle lectures at University College Cork

20 February 2014: Prof James Raven to speak at Yale

19 February 2014: Dr Xun Zhou seminar at the University of Westminster

19 February 2014: New documentaries featuring Dr Mark Frost

17 February 2014: Dr Neil Younger speaks at the Huntington Library, California

04 February 2014: Dr Laila Haidarali speaks at the Institute of Historical Research

25 January 2014: Holocaust Memorial Week 2014

22 January 2014: Dr Matthew Grant on BBC Radio 4

21 January 2014: Essex PhD student blogging for the British Library

13 January 2014: History Department Alumna Awarded British Empire Medal

09 January 2014: Dr Xun Zhou speaks on her new book in Hong Kong

11 December 2013: Dr Mark Frost speaks on public history

04 December 2013: New paid research placements in History announced

19 November 2013: New book by Dr Xun Zhou

16 November 2013: Dr Peter Gurney speaks at E. P. Thompson conference

07 November 2013: Dr Röhrig Assunção participating in the Seminar in Black Atlantic Culture, Rio de Janeiro

05 November 2013: Funding boost for humanities postgraduates

05 November 2013: More student prize-winners!

30 October 2013: Set Adrift - The Story of a Holocaust Survivor

23 October 2013: Dr Neil Younger speaks to A-level students

22 October 2013: Laila Haidarali Speaks at International Conference in Canada

21 October 2013: Postgraduate Prize-winners 2012-13

08 October 2013: Celebrating the success of our final-year students

04 October 2013: IRP Students Visit The Wiener Library

28 August 2013: Professor Rainer Schulze speaks at commemoration for Roma victims of Nazi holocaust

28 August 2013: Australian High Commissioner discovers Marks Hall history

16 August 2013: Life After Graduation?

19 July 2013: History Graduates, 2013!

04 July 2013: Prof Schulze Participating in International Conference

25 June 2013: Listening to Unheard Voices

25 June 2013: PhD Student Joanne Crosby Speaks at Conferences

14 June 2013: The Bridges to History and Employment Project

11 June 2013: More Local History Students Gain Certificates

11 June 2013: 2013 Local History Day a great success

24 May 2013: History Department TIME TRAVELLERS win a Voscar!


15 May 2013: Raven delivers Miraeus Lecture in Antwerp

10 May 2013: History Department Success in Global Rankings

08 May 2013: Dr Mark Frost interviewed by BBC

07 May 2013: Looking for Richard

02 May 2013: What is a 'witch'? Lecture series at firstsite by Dr Alison Rowlands, Department of History

02 May 2013: Research Student Rebecca Kenneison presents a paper in Hong Kong

18 April 2013: Prof Rainer Schulze took part in the recent International Roma Day held in Rome, Italy

15 April 2013: Goodrum lines up a host of publications in US cultural history

15 April 2013: Kenneison to give paper at Cambridge conference

09 April 2013: Prof Raven awarded Visiting Fellowship at Marsh's Library Dublin

09 April 2013: Dr Rachel Duffett presents paper at Newcastle University

09 April 2013: Dr Rachel Duffett contributes to seminar series at Trinity College Dublin

02 April 2013: Local History Centre modules for summer 2013

02 April 2013: New undergraduate modules for 2013-14!

25 March 2013: Raven reports on OCR project

20 March 2013: Moate wins essay prize

18 March 2013: Raven lectures in Texas

18 March 2013: Hore podcasts on Cold War available

12 March 2013: Documentary film on Chinese famine features Xun Zhou

27 February 2013: Professor Edward Higgs to address German archivists on the storage and accessing of historic census returns

27 February 2013: Two major awards for Professor James Raven

19 February 2013: The department welcomes Dr Xun Zhou

19 February 2013: Dr Matthias Röhrig Assunção on discussion panel of "Memorialising African Slavery in Brazil on Film"

19 February 2013: Essex History Student is Karate Champion!

25 January 2013: Fundraising success for 'Angolan Roots of Capoeira

25 January 2013: Upcoming seminars by Mark Frost

23 January 2013: New Masters scholarships for History

21 January 2013: Holocaust Memorial Week 2013

21 January 2013: New lecture series looks at Colchester's historic figures

17 January 2013: Malte Hinrichsen, prize-winning Essex MA student, publishes first book

07 January 2013: Professor James Raven awarded major workshop grant from the European Science Foundation

12 December 2012: Postgraduate funding for History - apply now for 2013 start

11 December 2012: Alumni Reunion photos now online!

03 December 2012: In Memory of Harry Lubasz

03 December 2012: Raven Keynote Address Published

22 November 2012: Matthias Röhrig Assunção gives lecture at the Capoeira Angola Workshop

31 October 2012: Making History: 40th Anniversary Alumni Reunion

22 October 2012: James Raven Elected Officer of Bibliographical Society

19 October 2012: Natasha's hat-trick of prizes!

12 October 2012: History Alumni Event - Tonight

11 October 2012: 2012 History Student Prize-Winners

02 October 2012: Dr Matthias Assunção to deliver guest lecture on Capoeira at the University of Edinburgh

27 September 2012: Early modernists publish new books

19 September 2012: 'Going digital' training for PhD students

14 September 2012: The Rude Body - Postgraduate Conference September 14-15 2012

24 August 2012: Death of a former member of staff from the Department of History

16 August 2012: History Graduates Celebrate, July 2012

16 August 2012: International excellence at graduation in the History Department

16 August 2012: Two new lecturers heading to the History Department at Essex!

08 August 2012: Free language courses for Essex students

27 June 2012: New Book by Dr Christine Dettman

26 June 2012: History Department success at the Big e awards!

20 June 2012: Award in memory of Dora Love

25 May 2012: Major Knowledge Exchange Award for Professor James Raven

25 May 2012: History Student Geoff Towsey wins a Wivenhoe Bursary!

16 May 2012: Prof Schulze to speak at HEA History Teaching and Learning Workshop

10 May 2012: History Student Success at the Voscars!

10 May 2012: Prof Edward Higgs to speak at Rome biometrics conference

10 May 2012: Rainer Schulze to talk about Dora Love at Colchester Synagogue

04 May 2012: New Poem Collection by Paul Polansky

01 May 2012: History Department Student Survey Prize

01 May 2012: Prestigious Degree Awarded to Prof James Raven

16 April 2012: Dr Alison Rowlands appearing on National Geographic Channel

23 March 2012: 'The Pleasures of Men' - BBC Historian Dr Kate Williams talk chaired by Dr Alison Rowlands


17 March 2012: Showcasing Southend - Centre for Local and Regional History Public Event

14 March 2012: Graduate students to appear on BBC Radio Essex

23 February 2012: Listen to Professor John Walter on Radio 3

21 February 2012: PhD Candidate Sean O'Dell to publish in The Local Historian Journal

02 February 2012: Dr Rachel Duffett appears in new BBC war documentary 'Bullets, Boots and Bandages: How to Really Win at War'

30 January 2012: Dr Rachel Duffett has been selected as one of 12 UK researchers to take part in an AHRC/BBC collaborative workshop on the First World War

27 January 2012: The Holocaust in History and Memory volume 4 now available

24 January 2012: PhD candidate Nazim Can Cicektakan participates in BBC World Service debate on the Armenian genocide

18 January 2012: Graduate student, Rebecca Kenneison, publishes book on her family's history in Malaya

07 December 2011: New Year, new local history modules!

17 November 2011: History in top twenty for student satisfaction

08 November 2011: Dr Matthias Röhrig Assunção to show his documentary film "Verses and sticks." at Lisbon Conference

02 November 2011: Professor Rainer Schulze gives papers at US conferences

01 November 2011: Professor Edward Higgs publishes new book

01 November 2011: Professor Edward Higgs gives local lecture

31 October 2011: Honorary Graduate Dora Love

31 October 2011: Essex graduate wins National Teaching Award

24 October 2011: The influence of the African Diaspora on Latin American Art


20 October 2011: Matthias Röhrig Assunção gives a paper at the at the International Conference “Brazil in global context, 1870-1945”, Freie University Berlin

12 October 2011: Camulodunum: image and reality. Local History talk at Colchester's new "firstsite" arts venue

12 October 2011: Dr Michael Goodrum publishes article in Literature Compass

22 September 2011: Official signing of the Memorandum of Understanding to promote co-operation with Yerevan State University

22 September 2011: Dr Alison Rowlands interviewed on Radio Four's Making History

20 September 2011: Postgraduate History Conference: Creating the 'Other', University of Essex, Department of History

24 August 2011: Memorandum of Understanding to Promote Co-Operation with Yerevan State University, Armenia

04 August 2011: Annual Prizes for History Students, 2010-11

20 June 2011: History graduate through to next round for History Teacher of the year award

13 June 2011: Essex Local History Day, June 2011

12 June 2011: Professor Rainer Schulze participates in "Access to Justice" Conference in Kosovo

23 May 2011: Professor Rainer Schulze to visit Yerevan State University, Armenia

05 May 2011: Cuba in the Nineteenth Century, an Interdisciplinary Symposium co-organised by Dr Matthias Röhrig-Assunçao

18 April 2011: "Listen Again" to Professor John Walter on BBC Radio 4's 'Making History' programme

14 March 2011: The Essex Local History Day, June 2011

10 March 2011: MA students receive research awards

07 March 2011: New Local History Evening Modules for the Summer Term

28 February 2011: Professor Rainer Schulze to participate in a hearing held by the House of Commons All-Party Human Rights Group

28 February 2011: Essex Society Family History Award goes to Lisa Gardner

24 January 2011: Holocaust Memorial Week

10 December 2010: The History Department is turning 40!

25 November 2010: Dr Matthias Röhrig Assunção speaks at the Zumbi dos Palmares Capoeira Angola Meeting 2010

25 November 2010: Dr Nadine Rossol has been awarded an Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship

25 November 2010: Professor James Raven will be giving the Address at Lavenham Parish Church

23 November 2010: Dr Irina Paert, History PhD graduate, publishes book on 19th-century Russia

23 November 2010: Michael Goodrum, PhD History student, releases single

15 November 2010: Film screening of Matthias Röhrig Assunção's film "Verses and cudgels"

10 November 2010: Victoria Holmes, PhD student, to speak at Royal Holloway, London

10 November 2010: Gerard Moate, PhD student, to speak at the Institute of Historical Research

10 November 2010: Dr Alison Rowlands to give 2010 Plume Lecture in Maldon

27 October 2010: Dr Tony Swift speaks at Volgograd State University

27 October 2010: Dr Alison Rowlands speaks at Conference in Germany

04 October 2010: Dr Matthias Röhrig Assunção to speak about capoeira at Yale

04 October 2010: Dr Nadine Rossoll gives paper at Institute of Germanic and Romance Studies, London

30 September 2010: Professor Rainer Schulze speaks at symposium in honour of Wilfried Wiedemann

28 September 2010: Professor James Raven gives The 2010 Panizzi Lectures

08 September 2010: Professor James Raven addresses International Congress of Historians

19 August 2010: Michael Goodrum, PhD History student, has paper published in United States Studies Online ...

17 August 2010: Professor James Raven gives Mellon Lectures at Yale University

17 August 2010: Dr Tony Swift gave a paper on 'Russian press and theatre censorship in a comparative context'.

17 August 2010: History students receive research awards

17 August 2010: Alan Pryor, PhD History student, has paper published ...