Come and study History in Britain’s oldest recorded town. We are a friendly and supportive department which will provide you with a structured introduction to doing History, as well as opportunities to study a wide range of historical periods and places. From slavery, Stalin’s Russia, and Mao’s China, to the position of women in early-modern England, we view history through the eyes of ordinary people, as well as those of kings, queens and politicians. We help you to understand the events and ideas that fired people in the past, and which are still burning issues in our own day.

In becoming historians with us you will be supported by leading experts, and have the chance to apply historical skills gained to do your own research, and take History into the community. With us you can feed your passion for History but also develop the confidence in your powers of analysis, presentation, self-awareness, and digital expertise, that you will need in your future careers and lives.

Why history at Essex?

Undergraduate study

History graduates

From the global to the local, undergraduate study in history at Essex lets you plot your own intellectual journey through the past while honing the research and critical thinking skills prized by today’s employers.

Postgraduate study

Postgraduate student from the Department of History

We are a leading centre for history postgraduate study at both Masters and PhD level. Become part of our active research community and benefit from the expert teaching and supervision of our academic staff.

Our research

History books on a library shelf

Our commitment to groundbreaking historical investigation is reflected in more than two-thirds of our research being rated 'world leading' or 'internationally excellent' (REF 2014).