24 October 2011: Broadcast highlights: Libya and the death of Gaddafi

Woman filming in studio

Following the death of Colonel Gaddafi last week, Dr Natasha Ezrow has been interviewed by a number of media outlets to offer expertise and commentary on the events in Libya.

  • BBC World: 20 October (TV)
  • BBC Radio Five: 21 October (fast forward to 0:08.43)
  • BBC Radio Suffolk: 21 October (fast forward to 1:10.30 as part of their hour Libya special)
  • BBC Breakfast Show: 21 October (TV)
  • BBC Asian Network: 21 October (fast forward to 0:17.20)
  • BBC Radio Essex: 21 October (fast forward to 1:14.30)
  • BBC Radio Three: 21 October
  • BBC Sunday Morning: 23 October (TV)
  • Radio Scotland: 24 October (fast foward to 2:21.20)

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