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20 April 2017: Election coverage kicks off

16 January 2017: Second Annual Government Regius Lecture

13 January 2017: Tributes to Professor Anthony King

13 January 2017: A letter to Professor Anthony King

16 December 2016: Our students work on innovative research projects for UROP

16 November 2016: Top international academic visits our department

20 October 2016: Government Social Research Profession (GSR) sandwich student placement

23 September 2016: Professor Kristian Gleditsch: Interview

10 August 2016: Politics at Essex 12th for student satisfaction

10 August 2016: University of Essex once again one of the very best for student satisfaction

04 August 2016: Exceptional students receive Faculty scholarship

02 August 2016: Essex taking lead role on postgraduate training as part of ESRC-backed Doctoral Training Network

25 July 2016: EU Referendum Podcast with Dr Tom Quinn and Professor Paul Whiteley

15 July 2016: A big Q-Step forward for our 2016 graduates

20 June 2016: Radio Interview: Professor Han Dorussen

16 June 2016: Dr Jon Slapin wins another award

15 June 2016: Conference prepares our students for placements

20 May 2016: 2016 Fenno Prize awarded to Jon Slapin

16 May 2016: Dr Natasha Ezrow writes for The Conversation

03 May 2016: Dr Reinhardt awarded grant

20 April 2016: Professor Lawrence Ezrow wins award

11 April 2016: The history and power of the Ku Klux Klan in the United States

17 March 2016: Syrian Refugees in Turkey

24 February 2016: Dr Tom Quinn writes for The Conversation

19 February 2016: Dr Gina Yannitell Reinhardt writes on US South Carolina primary for The Conversation

16 February 2016: Dr Gina Yannitell Reinhardt writes on Justice Scalia’s death for Mischiefs of Faction on Vox

15 February 2016: Dr Gina Yannitell Reinhardt writes on Justice Scalia’s death for The Conversation

13 January 2016: A Taste of Postgraduate Life in Government

23 December 2015: Chief Scientific Adviser appointed to bring data-driven approach to public services in Essex

02 December 2015: Professor Anthony King wins Sir Isaiah Berlin Prize

04 November 2015: New book discusses challenges facing states in developing world

27 October 2015: 27 October 2015: Dr Gina Yannitell Reinhardt writes on Afghanistan earthquake for The Conversation

20 October 2015: Challenge takes students to heart of local government

14 October 2015: Tom Scotto featured in The Independent

25 September 2015: Kristian Gleditsch receives prestigious award for excellence in social science research

22 September 2015: Jon Slapin wins award

22 September 2015: Dr Natasha Ezrow writes for The Conversation

22 September 2015: Rob Johns - BBC

17 September 2015: Two new Political Theorists for Essex

14 September 2015: Dr Tom Quinn - Jeremy Corbyn

11 September 2015: Dr Tom Quinn cited in The Economist

07 September 2015: Dr Tom Quinn writes for The Conversation

19 August 2015: Federica Genovese writes a blog for The Plot

17 August 2015: Professor Paul Whiteley on BBC Radio 4

11 August 2015: University of Essex Social Sciences Scholarships 2015

03 August 2015: Government students secure placements with top organisations

30 July 2015: Essex welcomes 5 new academics to the Department of Government

27 July 2015: Tom Scotto writes for The Conversation

27 July 2015: Tom Quinn writes for The Conversation

29 May 2015: What WWII-era Italy teaches us about post-conflict politics in places like Burundi

29 May 2015: Essex County Council Challenge Project

28 May 2015: Alex Quiroz Flores: FOCUS

18 May 2015: Alex Quiroz Flores: The Conversation

01 May 2015: Florian Kern and Kristian Skrede Gleditsch win grant to study violent crime across American Indian reservations

29 April 2015: Dr Alejandro Quiroz Flores: BBC Essex and The Conversation

27 April 2015: Bestseller asks 'Who Governs Britain?'

20 April 2015: Facing up to the challenges of politics

20 April 2015: Is Boko Haram a Roving Bandit?

16 April 2015: Lawrence Ezrow blog

16 April 2015: Rene Lindstaedt Blog

15 April 2015: Dr Tom Quinn: Pledge-filled manifestos can't solve chronic image problems

09 April 2015: Dr Tom Quinn: The Conversation

31 March 2015: 'Revealed: how British voters' political mood swings' - Dr John Bartle

31 March 2015: 'Will Britain be governable after the election?' - Professor Paul Whiteley

20 March 2015: Dr John Bartle's research on the policy mood and the moving centre is featured on the BBC News website.

20 March 2015: Giving social science a voice

13 March 2015: Five reasons why Labour should seriously fear wipeout in Scotland - Rob Johns

13 March 2015: Professor Ismene Gizelis won a BA/Leverhulme Small Research Grant

05 March 2015: Han Dorussen Interviewed

05 March 2015: Jeff Howard blog

05 March 2015: Paul Whiteley blog

05 March 2015: Paul Bou-Habib wins award

04 March 2015: Annual Book Award win

12 February 2015: Populism and Emancipation(s): The political legacy of Ernesto Laclau

09 February 2015: The future of social science after the general election

05 February 2015: Prestigious award recognises Essex excellence in social science education

03 February 2015: Professors join David Dimbleby for London panel

03 February 2015: Garrison Commander joins debate on world after Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts

02 February 2015: Prediction for 2015 Election published in the Guardian

30 January 2015: The success of Syriza in Greece has been driven by Marxism, populism and yes — Essex University - David Howarth

29 January 2015: How to predict the outcome of a general election - John Bartle

29 January 2015: Kristian Gleditsch receives an Annelise-Meier Award

29 January 2015: Kristian Gleditsch - forthcoming paper has been discussed in The Independent

29 January 2015: Can We Forecast Where Water Conflicts Are Likely to Occur?

29 January 2015: Climate change campaigners should be cautiously optimistic after the latest UN Climate Summit

27 January 2015: Essex alumni set to play lead roles in new Greek government

26 January 2015: Essex alumna victorious in Greek Elections

12 January 2015: Charlie Hebdo: research shows French solidarity faces testing times - Tom Scotto

19 December 2014: Department of Government research is best in Britain

05 December 2014: Which? recognises Essex’s politically-minded students

04 December 2014: Insights 2014: findings from the largest longitudinal study

20 November 2014: You can get rid of a Tory leader almost by accident

10 November 2014: Voter survey shows Miliband panic is overblown

03 November 2014: Doctoral training partnership to support hundreds of PhD students

22 October 2014: Essex launches new map of global human rights

15 October 2014: Professor Lindstadt on LSE blog

13 October 2014: With bi-election success, it all looks rosy for UKIP - but remember the SDP

09 October 2014: High achieving students attend prestigious business event

02 October 2014: Is a vote for UKIP really a vote for Labour?

24 September 2014: Natasha Ezrow on ITV

24 September 2014: Best Paper for Dr Jochen Müller

12 September 2014: Natasha Ezrow on the BBC

09 September 2014: Public backs removing citizenship from Britons fighting abroad – even for a good cause

09 September 2014: All eyes on Tory eurosceptics as defection to UKIP forces fight that could shape next election

09 September 2014: Dr Daniel Berger awarded BA/Leverhulme Grant

09 September 2014: Another award for Professor Kristian Gleditsch!

09 September 2014: When do politicians respond to voters and when do they respond to markets?

09 September 2014: When does polarization matter?

09 September 2014: Professor Han Dorussen on BBC Essex

09 September 2014: Dr Rob Johns appears in BBC documentary

02 September 2014: Rumours of Coalition divide over tough anti-terror laws backed by Essex research

09 June 2014: Project on political leaders wins award

02 June 2014: Prize for Joint Book in the Department of Government

16 May 2014: The Growing Power of Citations in University Hiring and Funding Policies

09 May 2014: "Understanding the social construction of the democratic deficit in CSDP: a Foucauldian approach"

08 May 2014: Are you “too volatile and emotional” to contribute to the foreign policy debate?

21 March 2014: 2014 Stockholm Forum

18 March 2014: PhD blog on Bosnia

12 March 2014: British party supporters differ on getting involved in Ukraine crisis

12 February 2014: The Syrian Refugee Crisis and Conflict Spillover

10 February 2014: Lifetime Achievement Award for Essex academic

05 February 2014: Royal recognition for Essex expert on British politics

16 January 2014: Economy growth does little to improve party popularity

04 December 2013: Award for British Election Study's outstanding contribution to political science

26 November 2013: Essex academics awarded emergency funding for Syria research

20 November 2013: Peter Frank: A Memoir

12 November 2013: Essex leads the way at mapping and monitoring human rights conference

31 October 2013: Social science graduates breaking the stereotype

27 September 2013: Public perception of government’s trustworthiness and honesty has plummeted in the period from 1997 to 2013

23 September 2013: Essex plays host to prestigious peace and conflict conference

11 September 2013: Essex public opinion research wins international award

09 September 2013: Exploring human rights and democracy around the world

06 September 2013: Professorial Fellowship Studentship

04 September 2013: Research confirms lack of public support for action in Syria

13 August 2013: Two Essex students receive prestigious scholarships to study in China

31 May 2013: Fulbright Scholar studying for Masters at Essex to pursue US diplomat dream

29 April 2013: Cameron’s popularity at its lowest level since General Election

20 March 2013: Voters losing faith in Coalition handling of economy

20 March 2013: PhD Fellowship to work on new research project on conflict strategies and violence

12 March 2013: Britons want the Falklands to stay British, study reveals

27 February 2013: The Brian Barry Prize - a new prize in political science

21 February 2013: Professor Gleditsch awarded €1.17 million grant to study non-violent conflict

31 January 2013: Royal accolade for Essex excellence in political science

18 December 2012: National awards for our academics and alumnus from the department

18 December 2012: The highest court in the land - a well-kept secret?

05 December 2012: MPs to be briefed on questions of identity

29 November 2012: Good news for new police and crime commissioners

27 November 2012: New longitudinal study of public attitudes to policy delivery launched

13 September 2012: Lifetime Achievement Award for Professor Emil Kirchner

06 September 2012: Britons more keen on military spending than Americans, study finds

30 August 2012: Professor Gleditsch wins 2012 Heinz I. Eulau award

17 August 2012: Professor Paul Whiteley elected as Fellow of British Academy

16 August 2012: What the UK and US think: Shared values or differing interests in public attitudes to foreign policy?

02 July 2012: Broadcast highlight: Professor Todd Landman on Al Jazeera

12 June 2012: Dr René Lindstädt receives 2012 Jewell-Loewenberg Award

08 June 2012: Survey shows lack of support for sending troops into Syria in Britain and United States

07 June 2012: Dr Vincenzo Bove awarded postdoctoral fellowship grant

18 May 2012: Dr Tom Quinn wins prize for young scholar's contribution to the study of British politics

18 May 2012: Dr Gizelis' research featured in Science Magazine

16 May 2012: More Britons are saying 'no' to Europe

10 May 2012: Hands-on social science features in new book

02 May 2012: Going for Gold: Country Conditions and London 2012

02 May 2012: Broadcast highlights: London 2012: Olympic medals 'reflect human development'

01 May 2012: Broadcast highlights: Local elections

25 April 2012: Broadcast highlights: Should politicians know the price of milk?

23 April 2012: Student blog post: Somalia - a failed state with strong people

11 April 2012: Broadcast highlights: It is time the dilettante PM got a grip

26 March 2012: Dr Gizelis awarded Mid-Career Fellowship

26 March 2012: Advancing the scientific study of conflict and cooperation

23 March 2012: United Kingdom voters say ‘No’ to Scottish independence

22 March 2012: Broadcast highlights: Russian presidential elections: How easy is it to commit electoral fraud?

01 March 2012: Event: A country of their own

01 March 2012: Event: The Roller Coaster Ride to the White House: The 2012 Presidential Election

01 March 2012: Event: Politics in the Electronic Age - Electronic Evolution or Revolution?

27 February 2012: Broadcast highlights: Our response to Syria will differ from Libya crisis

23 February 2012: Will unemployment sink the coalition?

20 February 2012: Student blog post: Media, Democracy and Conflict - the Case of Argentina

09 February 2012: Broadcast highlights: Syria unrest

30 January 2012: Broadcast highlights: Are Britons becoming more dishonest?

25 January 2012: Are Britons becoming more dishonest?

20 January 2012: Why do some people hide their light under a bushel while others promise more than they can deliver?

16 January 2012: New research funding for PhD students

16 January 2012: Dr Lawrence Ezrow wins the American Journal of Political Science Best Article Award

10 January 2012: Broadcast highlights: Dr Rob Johns speaks to Channel 4 News about Scottish independence

30 December 2011: Broadcast highlights: the death of Kim Jong-Il

24 October 2011: Broadcast highlights: Libya and the death of Gaddafi

30 August 2011: After the riots, politicians should look to their own morals, says researchers

15 August 2011: PhD student Nieves Zuniga is awarded the Library of Congress AHRC/ESRC Scholarship

20 July 2011: New research grant success to study globalization and political accountability in the UK

07 July 2011: 26 July: Free business breakfast seminar - From Athens to the A12

26 May 2011: In the Media: Professor Landman speaks about President Obama's visit to the UK

13 May 2011: Launch of the new Conflict Resolution masters at Essex

23 March 2011: Professor Frances Millard wins George Blazyca Prize for 2009

23 February 2011: Research grant success to study role of women's organisations in peace building

18 February 2011: Government at Essex contributes to new ESRC Doctoral Training Centre

01 February 2011: Research Graduate wins 2010 Stuart A. Bremer Award

31 January 2011: Department of Government joins Facebook

14 January 2011: PhD graduate wins prestigious Middle East Studies Association (MESA) award

23 December 2010: The Department of Government will be closed for the Christmas break from 24th December 10 until 3rd January 11

22 December 2010: Dr Ismene Gizelis and Govinda Clayton win BISA – C-SAP Teaching Award 2010/2011

20 December 2010: Former Department of Government Alumni, Brian Hanrahan, dies age 61

07 October 2010: Replaying the 2010 General Election with Alternative Vote

10 September 2010: Elections, Public Opinion and Parties Annual Conference

16 June 2010: Tenth Essex Conference in Critical Political Theory

09 February 2010: Travel Grant Competition

09 February 2010: Survey Success

09 February 2010: New project explores political ethics

09 February 2010: European excellence ranking for Essex

02 February 2010: Prize Fellowship at Nuffield

03 December 2009: Theseus Award for Promising Research on European Integration 2009