Professorial Inaugural Lectures

Our Professorial Inaugural Lecture series celebrates excellence in research undertaken by our recently appointed professors.

Conducting internationally significant research means our lecturers always have their fingers on the pulse and academics at Essex are at the forefront of the latest research findings and emerging trends.

It’s a privilege to have leading global thinkers at our University and through this lecture series we are keen to share our very best research, to exchange ideas and inspire you. Our new professors will offer enlightening explanations on their own specialist subjects in areas such as law, sociology, politics, health and human sciences, psychology, philosophy, history, human rights, economics, mathematics and literature.

Upcoming lectures

Monday 5 December: Evaluating predictive policing in the fight against crime

Professor Giovanni Mastrobuoni, Department of Economics

Data analytics are increasingly being harnessed in the name of improving the productivity of police officers. Forecasting future criminal acts has been made possible by predictive policing software which combines advanced statistical algorithms with detailed crime data. But can predicting crime ever reduce crime?

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