Economics academic to talk at prestigious 7th Eubank Conference

19 April 2017

Colchester Campus

Economics, Department of

Professor Sheri Markose from our Department of Economics has been invited to speak at the 2017 Eubank Conference at the Rice University in Houston Texas, USA, from 24 - 26 April.

The conference on Real World Financial Markets is titled High Frequency Trading: Mitigating its Impact on Trading and Investing. It will cover the changing structure of financial markets and how quantitative scientists can help to understand and navigate this change.

The most recent invitation to Rice University underscores the widespread impact of Sheri’s work. She will be opening the conference with a talk on Computational Market Microstructure and Price Trends in the London Electronic Order Book: Order Submissions and Cancellations.

Sheri will join thought leaders like Joe Saluzzi, author of Broken Markets: How High Frequency Trading and Predatory Practices on Wall Street are Destroying Investor Confidence, and John Ramsay of IEX - the iconic new electronic stock exchange.

Sheri said: “IEX will implement ‘speed bumps’ to halt the arms race in the speed of order submissions by high frequency traders who IEX founders claim are rigging the market against slower institutional investors like pension funds. IEX also features in Michael Lewis’s Flash Boys as the crusading and reforming institution which is challenging the rapacious practices in the electronic asset markets that are detrimental to the social good. So, it is cool to share the platform with them.”

Sheri’s work on real time data analysis of electronic financial markets is essential for regulators in particular to identify reasons behind ‘flash crashes’ and market manipulation.

In this visit to the Rice University, she will be giving two further talks. This includes one on the Skin in the Game Needed for Central Clearing Platforms (CCPs) in the OTC Derivatives Reforms to the students of the Rice University Centre For Computational Finance and Economic Systems who have recently extended Sheri’s IMF Global Derivatives Model in their Masters project.

She will also address the Rice University Algorithms, AI and Bioinformatics Group based her recent work on How do Digital Agents Innovate? Mirror Neurons, Genome and Junk DNA. This discussion, which highlights the role of the Gödel sentence to produce Type 4 dynamics in the Wolfram-Chomsky schema with digital agents, has been called ‘exciting’ by Noam Chomsky.

Our Department of Economics is unique in providing training in these cutting-edge areas in the module Computational Market Microstructure and Complexity Economics in MSc Computational Economics, Financial Markets and Policy.

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