Students work as interpreters for annual multilingual conference

07 March 2017

Colchester Campus

Language and Linguistics, Department of

Last month, translation and interpreting students from our Department of Language and Linguistics came together for the four-day annual multilingual conference.

During the conference, guest speakers talked about over 20 different topics, including economics, sports, history, law, languages, linguistics, literature and medical science. Students then worked as interpreters for each talk, interpreting the content to the audience in their chosen language.

Professor Nancy Kula, Head of the Department of Language and Linguistics, said: “This is a very precious opportunity for the students to learn how to improve their interpreting skills as this conference highly imitates the real interpreting conference in the market.”

Students and organisers were also awarded for their work, with five students receiving ‘Interpreter of the Day’ awards. One of the winners, said: “I cherish this opportunity very much and made great preparations for it. This is a wonderful chance for me to learn where I can better myself from the feedback and I know exactly how to conquer nerves from it, thanks to this conference!”

Director of the Chinese pathway, Dr Nan Zhao congratulated all the interpreters for their brilliant first-time language service in public. Director of the European pathways, Ms Ignazia Posadinu acknowledged organizers and MCs effort in making this event a great success. 

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