Seminars for 2016/17

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Stephan HeblichUniversity of BristolTo be confimed20/06/201716:00External
Pedro ReyUniversitat Autonoma de BarcelonaTBC06/06/201716:00External
Antonio GuarinoUCLTBC30/05/201716:00External
Christopher RuhmUniversity of VirginiaTBC23/05/201716:00External
Anja PrummerQueen MaryTBC16/05/201716:00External
Eric LindqvistStockholm School of EconomicsThe Effect of Wealth on Subjective Well-being: Evidence from Swedish Lottery Winners09/05/201716:00External
Federico TagliatiUCLWelfare Effects of An In-kind Transfer Program: Evidence from Mexico15/02/201716:00External
Kjell Gunnar Salvanes NHH - Norwegian School of EconomicsInfant Health Care and Long-Term Outcomes15/12/201616:00External
David MyattLSBStrategic Voting in Plurality Rule Elections14/12/201616:00External
Erik PlugUniversity of AmsterdamTBC01/12/201616:00External

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