08 October 2015: The Lipsey Lectures Series Celebrate Leading Research in Economics

The Lipsey Lectures series celebrate leading research in economics and contribute to the academic training provided to students at the University of Essex.
Lipsey lecturers are scholars who have made key contributions at the frontier of economics. The lectures are a place for them to reflect on their research with the intended audience being young students and scholars with an interest in economics. The lectures are open to all members of the University and to the general public.
The emphasis of the lectures is on novelty, originality and relevance to an understanding of the modern world. The lecturers are also expected produce a monograph related to the content of the lectures and it is expected that these will become a core source for students and an inspiration for further research.
The lecture series is named after Richard G. Lipsey, the founding professor of economics at the University of Essex. Professor Lipsey instilled at Essex a commitment to explore challenging issues in applied economics, grounded in formal economic theory, the predictions of which were to be subjected to rigorous testing, thereby illuminating important policy debates.
Professor Lipsey's vision remains the bedrock of the Department of Economics' mission to contribute to society through excellence in education and excellence in research. The Department is pleased to organize the lecture series, with support from the Oxford University Press. Monographs from the lecture series are available from the Oxford University Press.
The lectures have been delivered by the following scholars.
  1. Debraj Ray, Silver Professor, Faculty of Arts and Science, and Professor of Economics, New York University
  2. James Robinson, Professor of Government, Harvard University
  3. Itzhak Gilboa, Professor, Eitan Berglas School of Economics, Tel-Aviv University and AXA Professor of Economics and Decision Sciences, HEC Paris.
Watch the lectures by Professor Gilboa


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