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2010 discussion papers

Discussion papers are written by academics in the economics department. Some papers are written in collaboration with academics from other institutions. Electronic copies of papers are published (where available) and on the IDEAS website.

#682-694 in order of publication
No Date Author(s) Title
682 January 2010 Marco Francesconi Christian Ghiglino and Motty Perry On the Origin of the Family (.pdf) Abstract
683 February 2010 Sheri Markose, Simone Giansante, Mateusz Gatkowski and Ali Rais Shaghaghi Too Interconnected To Fail: Financial Contagion and Systemic Risk in Network Model of CDS and Other Credit Enhancement Obligations of US Banks (.pdf) Abstract
684 February 2010 Marcus J. Chambers Jackknife Estimation of Stationary Autoregressive Models (.pdf) Abstract
685 February 2010 Marcus J. Chambers and Maria Kyriacou Jackknife Bias Reduction in the Presence of a Unit Root (.pdf) Abstract
686 February 2010 Gordon C.R. Kemp and J.M.C. Santos Silva Regression towards the mode (.pdf) Abstract
687 April 2010 Stefan Niemann, Paul Pichler and Gerhard Sorger Central bank independence and the monetary instrument problem (.pdf) Abstract
688 April 2010 David Reinstein and Gerhard Riener Reputation and Influence in Charitable Giving: An Experiment (.pdf) Abstract
689 April 2010 David Hugh-Jones and David Reinstein The Benefit of Anonymity in Public Goods Games (.pdf) Abstract
690 May 2010 George Symeonidis Competition and the relative productivity of large and small firms (.pdf) Abstract
691 September 2010 David Hugh-Jones and David Reinstein Losing Face (.pdf) Abstract
692 October 2010 Christian Ghiglino and Nicole Kuschy Are Patent Citations driven by Quality? (.pdf) Abstract
693 November 2010 Holger Breinlich, Stefan Niemann, Edna Solomon A Portrait of Firm Expansion and Contraction Channels (.pdf) Abstract
694 November 2010 Andre Barreira da Silva Rocha An Evolutionary Game Approach to the Issues of Migration, Nationalism, Assimilation and Enclaves (.pdf) Abstract

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