2000 discussion papers

Discussion papers are written by academics in the economics department. Some papers are written in collaboration with academics from other institutions. Electronic copies of papers are published (where available) and on the IDEAS website.

#504-528 in order of publication
No Author/s Title
504 Alessandra Guariglia and Byung-Yeon Kim Determinants and dynamics of moonlighting: The case of Russian married men
505 Melvyn G. Coles and Abhinay Muthoo Bargaining equilibrium in a non-stationary environment
506 Sajal Lahiri and Yoshiyasu Ono Protecting the environment in the presence of foreign direct investment: tax versus quantity restriction
507 Sheri M. Markose and Yiing Jia Loke Network effects on Cash-Card Substitution in Transactions and Low Interest Rate Regimes
508 Sheri M. Markose and Yiing Jia Loke Changing trends in payment systems for selected G10 and EU countries 1990-1998
509 Marco G. Ercolani Inflation Tax and the Hidden Economy (.pdf)
510 Marco G. Ercolani The price augmented risk premium, theory and application (.pdf)
511 George Symeonidis Are cartel laws bad for business? Evidence from the UK (.pdf )
512 Abhinay Muthoo On the foundations of basic property rights, Part I: A model of the state-of-nature with two players
513 James Richmond and Catherine Lynde Cost inefficiencies in UK manufacturing
514 James Richmond and Catherine Lynde Measuring inefficiency and costing slack
515 George Symeonidis Cartel stability with multiproduct firms
516 Katsuya Takii A barrier to the diffusion of tacit knowledge
517 Katsuya Takii Risk and prediction ability
518 Katsuya Takii Prediction ability and investment under uncertainty
519 Suresh Mutuswami Strategy proof cost sharing of multiple excludable public goods
520 Suresh Mutuswami Strategy proof mechanisms for cost sharing
521 Suresh Mutuswami Subscription mechanisms for public goods: the general case
522 Sheri Markose and Hakan Er The Black (1976) effect and cross market arbitrage in FTSE-100 index futures and options
523 Paola Donati Indeterminacy in sequential financial market economies when prices reveal information
524 Paola Donati Real effect of money when prices reveal information
525 Paola Donati What can monetary policy actually do? An example of robust observation under model uncertainty
526 Gordon Kemp Invariance and the Wald Test (.pdf)
527 James Richmond Separability and specification tests (.pdf)
528 Aditya Goenka Informed Trading and the "Leakage" of Information (.pdf)

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