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Saturday 25 October 2014 (booking now)
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Saturday 11 October 2014 (booking now)
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Wednesday 5 November 2014 (booking now)

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University of Essex

Undergraduate student profiles

Lucy BeedieLucy Beedie 

BA Accounting, 2007 

"I chose Essex because of the 'community' feeling I felt from walking around the Colchester Campus. I felt very much at home at Essex and every time I visit the campus now it feels like I never left.

Essex Business School is lucky to be housed in a superb modern building, one that it certainly deserves. Whenever I had a problem or needed some advice and support, the School was there for me.

Since Graduation I have been training for the Chartered Accountant exams. I found that certain modules had greater relevance for this, such as Law and Management Accounting modules. I would recommend these for anyone who wishes to study Accounting after Graduation.

Living on campus is something that everyone should try. Having a degree is amazing, but the experiences you have whilst living on campus are unlikely to ever be re-lived. The hub of the Colchester Campus has to be the SU Bar. Almost all of my nights began there. However, no night out on campus would be complete without a trip to SX-press for chips before staggering home!

I would give anyone going to Essex three pieces of advice: do not suffer in silence if you are having difficulties, there is always someone around to help; say ‘yes' to as many social invitations as possible; and lastly, concentrate on your work but make time to chill out and relax too, it'll help your studies in the long run if you find the right balance."