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Seminars for 2015/16

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Prof Vasso Ioannidou University of LancasterTitle TBC27/04/201614:00Essex Finance Centre
Professor Paul Jones Coventry University, Editor of International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behaviour and ResearchUsing FsQCA analysis for entrepreneurship research30/03/201614:00Management Science & Entrepreneurship Group
Dr Adonis AntoniadesBank for International Settlements (BIS) Commercial Bank Failures During The Great Recession: The Real (Estate) Story16/03/201614:00Essex Finance Centre
Prof John ThanassoulisUniversity of Warwicktbc09/03/201614:00Essex Finance Centre
Prof Francesco VallascasUniversity of LeedsThe wolves of wall street? How bank executives affect bank risk taking24/02/201614:00Essex Finance Centre
Professor Meryem DuygunUniversity of Hulltbc10/02/201614:00Essex Finance Centre
Gerrit SarensUniversity of LauvainTBC03/02/201615:00Essex Accounting Centre
Dr Dimitris TsomocosUniversity of Oxfordtbc03/02/201614:00Essex Finance Centre
Prof Alistair Milne University of LoughboroughBalance sheet constraints and firesale externalities27/01/201614:00Essex Finance Centre
Dr. Anastasia Kopita Essex Business SchoolCoverage termination due to resource constraints: Cheap talk or euphemism for bleak business prospects?09/12/201515:00Essex Accounting Centre

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