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10 May 2013: Measuring Human Dispositions: Reality, Challenges and Prospects (MEGS Group)

Dr Edward Sosu from University of Strathclyde

At 15:00 in Elmer Suite (Ground Floor).

Edward sosu
Abstract: The social sciences are mostly concerned with understanding human dispositions such as beliefs, abilities and behaviours. Measurement of such dispositions is however plagued difficulties. In this presentation, I will explore some of the key considerations for attempting such measurement. I will also explore opportunities and challenges presented by innovative methods, such as Structural Equation Modelling techniques, for validating our instruments.

About the speaker:

Prior to joining the University of Strathclyde, Dr Edward Sosu was a lecturer in the school of education, University of Aberdeen. He is part of the research team on the Scottish Teachers for a New Era initiative. His work has focused on teacher effectiveness, teacher commitment and development of measurement instruments. He has a background in psychology, education and environmental science. He is particularly interested in psychological perspectives and the application of statistical models to education research.

Ticket information:
All welcome and free to attend, please email to book a place. Refreshement starts 30 minutes before the seminar.

This event is open to the general public.

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