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Seminars for 2016/17

18 May 2012: Acculturation and identity: Insights from second-generation Indian Punjabis (Marketing Research Group)

Dr Yasmin Sekhon from Senior Lecturer in Marketing, Bournemouth Business School

At 15:00 in R2.76 (Southend) & 5N.3.9 (Colchester).

Yasmin Sekhon

Marketing Research Group at Essex Business School is cordially inviting you to join Dr Yasmin Sekhon for a research seminar. Yasmin's research interests include consumer behaviour and also the role of ethnicity and identity in a consumer context. In particular Yasmin is looking at over consumption in a cultural context. Yasmin is also actively researching consumer psychology in the financial services industry and how economic factors impact decision making.

Yasmin has won a number of bids including HEIF and ESRC, including projects as internal marketing and the recession and not for profit marketing. She is currently involved in a project on well being in the workplace as well as another on research in industry and academia.

Ticket information:
Free to attend but booking strongly encouraged for video conferencing arrangement purpose.

This event is open to the general public.

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