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18 April 2017: Win up to £500 of summer days out for you and a friend courtesy of Essex Business School

20 March 2017: You're hired: Apprentice candidate gives career advice to Essex Business School students

09 March 2017: Essex Business School building nominated for Guardian award

10 February 2017: Essex Business School student hosts Q&A with renowned fashion blogger Sophie Hannah Richardson

03 January 2017: Top Essex Business School students make The Dean’s List

17 November 2016: Essex Business School research reveals tips for managing mental health at work

14 November 2016: PhD student wins start-up funding for entrepreneurial charity

10 November 2016: The business impact of short-termism politics: Brexit and the US Election

13 September 2016: Essex Business School grad’s start-up largest entrepreneurial jobs portal in Nordics

09 September 2016: Essex Business School professor leads review of HMRC

28 July 2016: MSc Human Resource Management awarded CIPD accreditation

25 July 2016: Workplace diversity debated at ESRC gender inclusion seminar

12 July 2016: Essex Business School welcomes South African PhD students on summer research exchange

20 June 2016: The challenges of corporate and organisational marketing discussed at 19th ICIG Symposium 2016

17 June 2016: Essex Business School graduate honoured by the Queen

06 June 2016: Essex Business School GTAs to receive award for innovative teaching

25 May 2016: Essex Business School PhD students present at annual research conference

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