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18 April 2017: Essex Youth Tourism Competition

01 December 2016: Tata Group and the forced exit of Mistry: are corporate ethics in question again?

29 November 2016: Intergenerational collaboration key to lifelong learning as working population ages

21 November 2016: Renowned international academic visits Essex Business School

21 November 2016: Corporate Governance researcher wins inaugural British Academy and BAFA Small Grant Award

16 November 2016: Big Data. Big Brother? BLG Data Centre holds fourth event in Talk Big Data series

11 November 2016: Essex MBA Director joins panel of business leaders to discuss county’s financial performance

30 September 2016: Essex intern holds businesses to account

28 September 2016: Essex Business School research centre to host big data event series

13 September 2016: Essex Business School grad’s start-up largest entrepreneurial jobs portal in Nordics

09 September 2016: Essex Business School professor leads review of HMRC

01 August 2016: Essex Business School welcomes prospective Chinese students at GDUFS open day

25 July 2016: Anti-corruption campaigner Oby Ezekwesili receives Honorary Degree at Essex Business School graduation

25 July 2016: Workplace diversity debated at ESRC gender inclusion seminar

22 July 2016: Essex Business School Professor joins experts in assessing the climate change risks to UK business and society

15 July 2016: A big Q-Step forward for our 2016 graduates

20 June 2016: The challenges of corporate and organisational marketing discussed at 19th ICIG Symposium 2016

15 June 2016: Conference prepares our students for placements

08 June 2016: Islamic Relief Academy signs Memorandum of Understanding with Essex Business School for joint collaborative partnership

06 June 2016: Essex Business School GTAs to receive award for innovative teaching

25 May 2016: Essex Business School PhD students present at annual research conference

09 May 2016: Essex Business School to host MBA workshops in India

05 February 2016: Coffee, cupcakes and maybe an Essex Business School Masters?

26 January 2016: New Deputy Dean aims to help businesses think globally

21 January 2016: HSBC, Willis and Lidl to speak at Essex Business School’s Successful Futures Conference

19 January 2016: Essex Business School alumni and entrepreneur nominated for national blog award

14 January 2016: UK's first zero-carbon business school building to be launched by open data pioneer

15 December 2015: Professor Prem Sikka provides expert analysis to Dispatches investigation on Channel 4

11 December 2015: Essex Business School celebrates undergraduate success at annual prize giving

08 December 2015: Essex Business School academic calculates the University of Essex’s economic impact

12 November 2015: Essex Business School Professor wins best research paper awards for fourth consecutive year

28 October 2015: Essex Business School hosts financial training weekend for Chinese officials

25 October 2015: EBS academic leads South African research partnership in Essex

04 October 2015: University of Essex appoints leading MBA Director

16 September 2015: Dr Danielle Tucker wins Best Division Paper

16 September 2015: Successful business development programme involving regional businesses is completed

15 September 2015: Essex Business School student speaks at UN General Assembly

13 August 2015: Essex Business School student speaks at UN General Assembly

03 August 2015: Essex Business School students secure placements with top organisations

07 July 2015: An introduction to R webinar

06 July 2015: Identifying, Mapping, and Monitoring the Impact of Hybrid Firms

02 July 2015: Business and Local Government Data Research Centre website

02 July 2015: Embark on your future - MBA brochure

02 July 2015: Dual View of University-Industry Engagement in the UK – Strategic and Policy Implications for the HE sector workshop

29 June 2015: EBS academic selected as Highly Commended paper in the 2015 Emerald Literati Network Awards for Excellence

13 June 2015: Fuel to Fight DS30: Test Dept Film & Book Event

11 June 2015: PhD student enjoys United Nations essay writing success

04 June 2015: TEDx at the University of Essex

14 May 2015: MMO PhD Conference

14 May 2015: CWOS event on Work, Organisation and Precarity

13 May 2015: Introduction to Banking, 2nd Edition

11 May 2015: Tell us what you think about alumni relations and you could win an Amazon voucher worth £100

11 May 2015: Early career workshop for 40 international researchers

11 May 2015: EBS team up with Essex Police to evaluate the introduction of mobile policing technologies

05 May 2015: Dr Nick Constantinou

20 April 2015: A Dual View of University-Industry Engagement in the UK

14 April 2015: Essex Business School student competing in BBC Young Dancer

01 April 2015: Top journal editor to lead Essex Business School

30 March 2015: EBS Postgraduate networking drop-in session

27 March 2015: Essex Business School offers the Bloomberg Professional Service

20 March 2015: Giving social science a voice

18 March 2015: CIWEM event: Inspiring Environmental Behaviour in Business

11 March 2015: EBS Postgraduate networking drop-in session

10 March 2015: Southend Essex Business School PGT Open Evening

03 March 2015: EBS Southend undergraduate visit day – 25 February 2015

03 March 2015: EBS Colchester Academic, GTA and Admin social event

03 March 2015: EBS UG Colchester Visit Day - 18 February

03 March 2015: Guest lecture from Mr David Cammack to EBS Business Law Students

24 February 2015: Using bikes to address poverty and empowerment issues

24 February 2015: Alumni Speed Networking Event

24 February 2015: Visit to Leuphana University, Luneburg, Germany by MBA and MSc Students

17 February 2015: Seminar: Imagining a Neoliberal Sociology: myth and ideology in consumer culture theory

09 February 2015: The future of social science after the general election

05 February 2015: Prestigious award recognises Essex excellence in social science education

18 December 2014: International excellence of Essex Business School research confirmed

17 December 2014: Southend EBS PG Christmas coffee morning

16 December 2014: Essex Business School student to present at G200 Youth Forum

16 December 2014: Prem Sikka: Break the stranglehold of shareholders

16 December 2014: Phil Hancock's Santa work in the 'Xmas factor'!

16 December 2014: The EBS MBA Seminar Series: The Sustainability and Innovation Workshop

16 December 2014: The EBS MBA Innovation Visits Programme

27 November 2014: Faculty of Social Sciences Dean's List event 2014

26 November 2014: Fruits of our Labour: Work, labour and the political economy of our food system

20 November 2014: CISI Centre of Excellence agreement signing ceremony

19 November 2014: ESRC Festival of Social Science - The organisation and business of Christmas

19 November 2014: Knowledge where it matters: E3N leads the Thurrock SME Applied Research and Knowledge Transfer Project

19 November 2014: Renewable Energy Activism - From grassroots movements to green politics and corporate environmentalism

12 November 2014: CMI status for management academics

11 November 2014: ESRC Festival of Social Science: Our Workplace, Our Story

10 November 2014: Double win for Essex Business School academic

10 November 2014: EBS academic wins Institute of Small Business and Entrepreneurship award

10 November 2014: ICAEW workshop events for EBS students

08 November 2014: The organisation and business of Christmas - UPDATED

06 November 2014: CWOS Seminar Series

05 November 2014: EBS review from Postgraduate Open Evening

04 November 2014: Big Data and Confidentiality: Does the rise of big data mean the downfall in privacy?

04 November 2014: Experiencing Essex Business School: Chinese students share their stories

04 November 2014: Diane Holt wins a British Council Researcher Links Workshop grant

03 November 2014: Doctoral training partnership to support hundreds of PhD students

30 October 2014: Data Research Centre launch - UPDATED

25 October 2014: EBS meet prospective students at Essex Colchester Campus Open Day

09 October 2014: High achieving students attend prestigious business event

08 October 2014: Professor Phil Hancock's work on sleep in The Conversation

07 October 2014: EBS Southend business panel event, Welcome Week

07 October 2014: EBS Southend Welcome Week Reception

06 October 2014: A Warm Welcome!

30 September 2014: New for 2014: MSc Business Analytics - make informed business decisions

05 September 2014: Professor Heather Hopfl

12 June 2014: John Nankervis memorial lecture

02 June 2014: EBS student winners!

30 May 2014: 11th BAFA Accounting and Finance in Emerging Economies Workshop

02 May 2014: The Essex MBA Workshops, India 2014

15 April 2014: BAFA Lifetime Achievement Award - Professor Prem Sikka

02 April 2014: LEAMOS Colloquium - Constructing Alternatives

21 March 2014: Santander Entrepreneurship Awards 2014

27 February 2014: China's Economic Dynamics: A Beijing Consensus in the making?

18 February 2014: THINK! Seminar series: Forgiving my father's murderer? The ethics of forgiveness

31 January 2014: Essex Business School Awarded IMC Advantage Status by CFA

29 January 2014: Can local food make us feel better?

29 January 2014: Licensed to Thrill: From Dirty Work to Abject Labour in London’s Soho

14 January 2014: Management: Learning lessons from the world of theatre

02 January 2014: EBS Winter Ball 2013 - Photos!

25 December 2013: Santa's Little Helpers: how do they do it?

18 December 2013: Closure of the Business and Management Training Centre

17 December 2013: Dr Chris Land's new book on alternative models of organization

06 December 2013: EBS staff win best paper awards

06 December 2013: Essex Sustainability Institute Feature: Ian Colbeck

30 November 2013: Giving Notice to Employability

28 November 2013: Can Unofficial UK make it in Essex?

13 November 2013: Social science graduates breaking the stereotype

13 November 2013: Emerald Literati Network - 2013 Awards for Excellence

25 October 2013: CFA Institute University Recognition Program

23 October 2013: Changing behaviour for sustainability

22 October 2013: Topping out celebrated at our landmark ‘green’ building

02 October 2013: Have I Got Tax For You

01 October 2013: Dr Gwyn Jones, businessman and entrepreneur, is appointed to lead EBS

24 September 2013: Building noise

26 June 2013: EBS student wins prize from Industry Expert

06 June 2013: Principles of Responsible Management Education - our commitment

01 May 2013: What business future do you want? Tell us and you could win a £100 Amazon voucher

28 March 2013: Launch of the Centre for Work, Organisation and Society

28 March 2013: Santander Entrepreneurship Awards 2013

18 March 2013: EBS Vacancies

06 March 2013: Business-savvy students from Essex Business School in Grand Final of IBM Universities Business Challenge

12 February 2013: Is Fracking the Future?

11 January 2013: Professor John Nankervis

19 November 2012: Corporate approaches to sustainability and responsibility

06 November 2012: Keeping the Best and the Brightest

31 October 2012: Academics on the hunt for spooky stories

04 October 2012: Quiz time for Southend Campus PG students

12 September 2012: Forum welcomes former Malaysian PM

11 September 2012: Keeping the Best and the Brightest

24 August 2012: Popular flexible MBA course is back

15 August 2012: Critical Financial Studies Conference - Call for papers

26 July 2012: Edge Scholar grants for 2012/2013

20 July 2012: Essex Business School Graduation

16 May 2012: Business Bursaries supported by HSBC

13 April 2012: Google search footprint is linked to movements in the stock market

12 April 2012: Essex Business School Executive Fellow on Six O'Clock News

01 March 2012: Graduate Employment and the Gender Pay Gap

31 January 2012: Professor joins the Guardian debate live online

16 January 2012: Courses meet Business needs

13 January 2012: 7th Workshop on Accounting and Finance in Emerging Economies

30 December 2011: Professor wins Knowledge Transfer Project via the Low Carbon KEEP scheme

01 December 2011: Essex Business School Entrepreneurship Lecture Series

14 November 2011: Marketing professor wins Low Carbon KEEP project

12 October 2011: New employability skills programme for EBS Postgraduates

05 October 2011: PG students enjoyed a quiz session

24 September 2011: Essex Business School Open Day - Southend Campus

21 June 2011: New flexible course helps business people study for MBA

26 May 2011: Internationals come to EBS as Visiting Professors

17 May 2011: EBS Southend student won Santander Awards for Excellence in Enterprise

05 May 2011: Convivium - Global Citizenship and Collaboration

04 May 2011: DFID ESRC economic growth call

03 May 2011: Entrepreneurship expert in demand

10 February 2011: Funding for students from Wivenhoe

01 February 2011: New course to assist directors with the law governing their duties

21 January 2011: New course for HR staff, consultants, and executive coaches

21 January 2011: Holocaust Memorial Week on University's Colchester campus

09 January 2011: 10th International Entrepreneurship Forum in Bahrain

07 January 2011: Dr Cecilia Cassinger reveals retailers' tricks

16 December 2010: Peer Exhorts Students to Champion Ethical Behaviour in Business

13 December 2010: EBS Team wins through to IBM University Business Challenge Semi-Finals

11 December 2010: X Factor screening in Ivor Crewe!

03 December 2010: Employment Conference for Students

10 November 2010: Financial support for initiatives from Teaching and Learning Innovation Fund (TALIF)

10 November 2010: Knowledge Transfer Innovation Fund available!

05 November 2010: Dr Carlo Rosa quoted in international arena

04 November 2010: Talk Talk: the new kids on the block

04 November 2010: EBS - a new business school with a 21st century curriculum

04 November 2010: Essex Academic Wins Best Paper Award

29 October 2010: ESRC funding available to academics and PhDs from £25-100,000

22 October 2010: Professor Sikka on air with BBC Essex

06 October 2010: The future of UK banking

25 September 2010: Come visit! Open Day - Colchester campus

18 September 2010: Open Day - Southend campus

16 September 2010: Essex Business School is on Facebook!

23 August 2010: Essex Professor Elected to Board of International Business Organisation

28 July 2010: GradClub for new graduates!

12 July 2010: Business and Management Training Launches Summer School for Aspiring Managers in the Region

21 June 2010: Essex academic to advise Indian PM

15 June 2010: Econometric and Datasource tools for MSc dissertations!

02 June 2010: Cross-Departmental Research Collaboration a Success

01 June 2010: £5,000 Entrepreneurship Scholarship

27 May 2010: Dr. Sanjay Banerji named to ESRC's Peer Review College

27 May 2010: Essex Business School Academic Invited to Speak by Bank of England

26 April 2010: UG Options Clinic: Need advice on optional modules?

26 April 2010: New MSc in Global Project and Innovation Management

26 March 2010: City Bankers Share their Secrets with Essex Students

15 March 2010: Essex Business School now seeking to make a number of new appointments

12 March 2010: Give us your views!

01 March 2010: The Big Issue Supports New Social Venture Academy

18 February 2010: PhD Scholarships available for 2010-11 entry

04 February 2010: ESRC funding for 2010-11 Entry

03 February 2010: Five New Professorships at Essex Business School

25 January 2010: European Innovation & Entrepreneurship Conference – Call for Papers

18 January 2010: New Business and Management Training courses for 2010

23 December 2009: University announces new building for Essex Business School

09 December 2009: 'Upsetting the Offset' Book Launch

08 December 2009: Interdisciplinary Centre for Environment and Society lunchtime seminar