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The Access Network Group (ANG) at the University of Essex is concerned with all aspects  of  “the last mile” and its interface  with the core network. The Group’s work covers the physical  layer  of wireless (LTE, WiMAX, WiFi, mm-waves and UWB,), all the optical spectrum (from 400nm  to 1600nm free-space and guided media),  digital  subscriber line (150Mbit/s and higher)  and powerline (multiple  Gbit/s using  spatial multiplexing ).  Additionally,  higher level issues  such as video coding  for 4k and 8k resolution, wireless orbital angular momentum,  beam forming in 802.11x networks, active remote nodes,  protocol issues,   microwave imaging and antenna design  are being studied. Both fixed and mobile  networks  are also of interest, including railway and airline infrastructures.

The ANG has been involved in many EPSRC and European Union research projects over the years, recent examples being:  e-Photon-I and II, BONE, MUSE-I and II, UROOF, STRONGEST, FIVER , OASE  and SODALES. Over 250 peer-reviewed journal and conference paper have been published. Links with industry are a strong and important part of the ANG’s work.  A well-equipped laboratory has been established  to support these  activities.

Research student opportunities are available and collaboration  with other groups world-wide, is welcome.


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