Seminars for 2016/17

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Dr Hendrik BaierUniversity of Yorktbc22/03/201716:00Seminars Spring 2017
Prof Mihaela van der SchaarUniversity of Oxford/Alan Turing InstituteAdvancing Medicine through Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence10/03/201713:00Seminars Spring 2017
Angela RixonCGIBringing to Life your Virtual Workforce: Robotic Process Automation08/03/201716:00Seminars Spring 2017
Daniel KarapetyanCSEETBC01/03/201716:00Seminars Spring 2017
Prof Juan Carlos AugustoMiddlesex university, LondonTBC22/02/201716:00Spring 2017
Prof Yue ChenQueen Mary University of LondonPerformance Evaluation for Small Cell 5G Networks: A Stochastic Geometry Approach15/02/201716:00Seminars Spring 2017
Raia HadsellGoogle DeepmindLearning to Navigate08/02/201716:00Seminars Spring 2017
Dr Arman ShojaeifardUCLFull-Duplex Massive MIMO01/02/201716:00Seminars Spring 2017
Dr Giovanni StracquadanioCSEEComputational Methods for Synthetic Genomics18/01/201716:00Seminars Spring 2017
Dr Colin JohnsonUniversity of KentComputer Science as an Application Domain for Data Science14/12/201616:00Seminars Autumn 2016

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