Seminars for 2016/17

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Dr Colin JohnsonUniversity of KentTBC14/12/201616:00Seminars Autumn 2016
Bernard HoranUniversity of EssexAn Overview of Oracle's Cloud Operations26/10/201616:00Seminars Autumn 2016
Dr Adam ZhouUniversity of NottinghamTBC05/10/201616:00Seminars Autumn 2016
Dr Alan BlairUniversity of New South Wales, AustraliaAdventures and Follies in Game Tree Learning08/09/201616:00Seminars Autumn 2016
Dr Adrien CouetouxUniversity of LiegeDirect Policy Search for Time-constrained Bayesian Reinforcement Learning15/06/201614:00 
Dr Julio Hernandez-CastroUniversity of KentNo Bot Expects the DeepCAPTCHA! Introducing Immutable Adversarial Examples with Applications to CAPTCHA 08/06/201616:00 
Dr Mark NelsonUniversity of FalmouthAutomated game design and automated game analysis23/05/201616:00 
Dr Annie LouisCSEE, University of EssexLearning Character-Action Interactions from Role-Playing Game Transcripts18/05/201616:00 
Dr Miguel NicolauUniversity College DublinBehaviour Tree Controllers for Platform Games and other applications using Grammatical Evolution28/04/201616:15Seminars Summer 2016
Dr Sebastian RisiIT University of CopenhagenTowards More Adaptive and Creative Artificial Intelligence13/04/201616:00 

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