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Clearing 2014

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Saturday 11 October 2014 (booking now)
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Wednesday 5 November 2014 (booking now)

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No open days are available for booking yet. You will be able to book your desired open day online three months before the date.

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Colchester Campus
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Frequently asked questions

If you have any questions regarding Confirmation and Clearing, this page is here to help you. It provides answers to questions applicants commonly ask about Confirmation and Clearing.

Questions about Confirmation and Clearing

  • What is Confirmation?

    Confirmation is the process that universities and UCAS go through once they have received your results. If you have gained the grades required (for your first choice institution), including in the subjects that may have been specified, your place will automatically be confirmed.

    If you have not quite achieved the grades your firm choice institution asked for it is important to check your UCAS Track record or ring the university - they may still accept you!

    If it turns out that you have not been successful in getting into your firm choice institution, then you should contact your insurance choice institution. If you have the grades required for this institution, your place will automatically be confirmed once they have received information from UCAS to say that you have been rejected by your firm choice.

  • What happens if I have not gained the grades for my firm or insurance choice but I have been offered an alternative degree?

    It is important to gain as much information about the alternative degree you have been offered. You should try and discuss the degree content with a member of staff at the university, after looking at the prospectus and website. Remember that you are under no obligation to accept a changed degree offer but, if it meets your expectations and you are happy with the university, then you should give it serious consideration. Note that, in some cases, you may be able to opt to transfer between the degree you were offered and your original choice after successfully completing the first year, but you should check this before accepting the place.

  • What happens if I am waiting on my firm or insurance offer to make a decision?

    If your firm choice institution has yet to confirm your place, then you can still contact your insurance choice to see if they have made a decision. If it looks as though you are going to be rejected by both of your choices then you can start to contact other universities to see what is available. Until both your firm and insurance choices have made a decision, you will not be entered into Clearing.

  • When do I know if I am in Clearing?

    If neither your firm or insurance choices have been able to accept you, you will then be a Clearing applicant. UCAS will inform you of this via UCAS Track.

  • I am in Clearing, what do I do next?

    Clearing is the final opportunity for applicants to find a university place. If you still want to go to university next academic year, start by researching alternative courses and institutions. Make sure you have all the relevant information in front of you before you start contacting universities (ie UCAS number, examination results, courses you are interested in etc).

    The University of Essex publishes guidance about what to do once you are in Clearing.

  • How do I find out which universities have degrees in Clearing?

    Websites: The majority of universities (and UCAS) will have a list of their vacancies on their website, and you may be able to apply online - the UCAS clearing information and listings are on the UCAS website.

    Newspaper listings: National newspapers include a list of all degree courses with vacancies at all the different universities in the UK. This information can be found in the Daily Telegraph and the Sunday Telegraph (these hold the official UCAS listings).

    Telephone: All universities will publicise their Clearing Telephone Hotline number. The telephones are often staffed by current students, which means you can also ask direct questions about life at that particular university.

  • Can I go back to one of the universities I put down on my UCAS form, that I declined, to see if they have any vacancies?

    If you had offers from other universities but turned them down in preference of your firm and insurance choices, and they have places available during Clearing, then it is worthwhile going back to them. They should still have your original application form and therefore will already have access to your details, which in turn will make the process quicker. If you do contact one of your original choices during Clearing it is important that you let them know you are an original applicant.

  • There are vacancies in my chosen degree, what should I do?

    Either contact the university with the vacancy via their Clearing Telephone Hotline (which will enable you to discuss the content of the course and the type of university it is) or go to their website and apply online. It is important when looking at universities in Clearing that you do not lose sight of the criteria you used when picking your original five choices for your UCAS form. If you originally applied to all campus universities that guaranteed university-owned accommodation in the first year, you should think carefully about applying to a different type of institution in Clearing. You are advised not to rush into accepting an offer at a university before you have finished looking at all the degrees available and before you have visited the university.

    In order to accept a Clearing offer from a university, you must refer yourself to that institution and course code via UCAS Track. This is intended to give all applicants time to research and consider their options thoroughly before making a decision.

    You can apply to the University of Essex via our Telephone Hotline, or by completing our online Clearing Enquiry Form.

    The University of Essex guarantees a single room in University-owned accommodation to all applicants who have been admitted by Friday 23 August and who have applied for accommodation by that date. (Applicants who are resident in the borough of Colchester or Southend are normally exempt from this guarantee, but may apply and are usually accommodated.)

  • What do I do if I have only just decided to go to university and have not applied though UCAS yet?

    Do not worry if you have not applied through UCAS yet - it is not too late. When you telephone a university, let them know that you have not applied through UCAS and then they will send you a UCAS Record of Prior Acceptance form. You must only complete this form when you have decided which university is the most suitable for you and the University has confirmed they will offer you a place on your chosen degree course. When you have completed the form, you must send it directly to the university of your choice, and NOT TO UCAS.

  • When I ring what should I expect?

    When you first contact a university, you will go through to the Clearing Hotline where members of staff will ask for basic details such as your UCAS personal ID number, address, grades etc. They will then give your details to an admissions selector to make the decision. You may find that an admissions selector telephones you back, so it is important that you remain by the telephone. If you contact the University of Essex through Clearing and your application is successful, you will receive a confirmation e-mail.

    It is very important for universities to capture accurate information about your grades. Telephone hotline staff will read back the information you have given, but it is most important that you are also confident that we have recorded your grades correctly. If we find out after offering you a place that your grades were incorrectly recorded, eg you got a D instead of a B, then we may have to rescind the offer.

  • Should I go to a Clearing open day?

    It is recommended that you attend a Clearing open day. The day will provide information about the university, accommodation and, most importantly, more details about the degree you wish to study. It will also give you the opportunity to meet academic staff, current students and other applicants. If you decide you like the university and they have given you an offer, computers will be available for you to enter the degree as your clearing choice in UCAS Track which will secure your place.

  • I wish to accept the offer, how do I do this?

    If the degree offered is right for you and the university is just what you want then you are ready to accept the offer.

    At this stage you must enter the university's code (E70 for the University of Essex) and course code as your clearing choice in UCAS Track. The university will then confirm your place via UCAS and you will be notified via UCAS Track.

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