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Andrew Canessa, e-mail: canessa@essex.ac.uk
Director since 2011. Department of Sociology, an anthropologist specialising in the Aymara-speaking peoples of Bolivia. He conducts research on indigenous identities and mobilisation. He is also the editor of the Journal of Latin American and Caribbean Anthropology.


CLACS Members

  • Dawn Ades
    School of Philosophy and Art History, an expert in European and Latin American art, who has curated numerous exhibitions including Art from Latin America at the Hayward Gallery in 1989.
  • Robin Blackburn, e-mail: roblack@essex.ac.uk
    Department of Sociology, has broad-ranging interests in historical sociology, critical social theory, modern capitalism and the third world. His publications include studies of the Cuban Revolution and the history of slavery. Research interests: Race and Slavery, Development of Capitalism, Historical Sociology, Globalisation, Political Economy of pension funds.
  • Steffen Böhm, e-mail: steffen@essex.ac.uk
    Essex Business School, studies the political economy of globalization and theories and practices of social movements. He has research interests in Brazil and Argentina. Research interests: Political economies of management and organisation, Sustainability, Carbon markets and environment, Critical perspectives of marketing and consumption, Psychoanalytic perspectives of management and marketing Organisation of resistance and social movements, Alternative forms of organisation.
  • John Cant, e-mail: jwcant@essex.ac.uk
    Department of Literature, Film, and Theatre Studies. He runs a weekly screening programme for the Centre for Film Studies. He has an interest in the cinema of Latin America in general and that of Argentina in particular.
  • Sarah J Demelo, e-mail: sjdeme@essex.ac.uk
    Essex Collection of Art from Latin America, Collections Assistant.
  • Valerie Fraser, e-mail: vfraser@essex.ac.uk
    School of Philosophy and Art History, a specialist in the art and architecture of Latin America. She is currently directing a major AHRC research project investigating artistic exchanges between Europe and Latin America during the period 1950-1978. Research interests: Colonial Latin American art, Colonial Latin American architecture, 20th century Latin American art, 20th century Latin American architecture.
  • Maria C Fumagalli, e-mail: mcfuma@essex.ac.uk
    Department of Literature, Film, and Theatre Studies, specialises in Caribbean literature and cinema. Research interests: Caribbean literatures, art and cinema, Literature and place, Border studies, Contemporary poetry, Women writing, Rewritings and adaptations, Derek Walcott, Seamus Heaney, Postcolonial Studies.
  • Gladis Garcia, e-mail: gladis@essex.ac.uk
    Department of Language and Linguistics, teaches Spanish language and culture and is an expert in course design and information technology in language learning.
  • Brian Hamnett, e-mail: bhamnett@essex.ac.uk
    Department of History, researches Mexican and Spanish 18th and 19th century history, Political and cultural history of eighteenth and nineteenth century Mexico and Spain; comparative Spanish and Portuguese Empires, 1400-1750; Mexican Baroque; readings in Ancient and Medieval History, particularly Mediterranean area.
  • Joanne Harwood, e-mail: harwjs@essex.ac.uk
    Essex Collection of Art from Latin America, Director and Curator; Teaching Fellow, School of Philosophy and Art History; Director of Latin American Studies in Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies in the Humanities. Research interests: Indigenism and post-indigenism in modern and contemporary Latin American art. Pre-Columbian and early colonial Mexican painted books.
  • Jane Hindley, e-mail: janeh@essex.ac.uk
    Latin American Studies, Visiting Fellow. She has an interdisciplinary background in politics, sociology and literature, and has researched race, ethnicity and nationalism, particularly in relation to indigenous peoples in Latin America. She is currently completing a book on nationalism.
  • Peter D Hulme, e-mail: phulme@essex.ac.uk
    Department of Literature, Film, and Theatre Studies, is a specialist in the literature, history and anthropology of Native and Latin America and the Caribbean. Research interests: Caribbean literature, history, anthropology, travel writing, postcolonial studies, literature and the environment.
  • Todd Landman, e-mail: todd@essex.ac.uk
    Department of Government, specialist in Latin American human rights and the politics of development. Research interests: The systematic comparative analysis of problems in the areas of development, democracy, and human rghts including quantitative and qualitative political methodology.
  • Cynthia Campos, e-mail: ccampos@essex.ac.uk
    CLACS Visiting Fellow, researches writings about young people in Brazilian and British history.
  • Sabine Michalowski, e-mail: smichal@essex.ac.uk
    Department of Law. Research interests: Medical Law, Health and human rights, Business and human rights, Transitional Justice, human rights and issues of debt and is particularly interested in Argentina.
  • Sandra A Moog, e-mail: samoog@essex.ac.uk
    Essex Business School, specialises in transnational social movements, environment, and development with reference to the Amazon Basin countries of Latin America.
  • Peter L Patrick, e-mail: patrickp@essex.ac.uk
    Department of Language and Linguistics, is a sociolinguist specialising in Caribbean English-based Creole languages, esp. Jamaican (indeed, in all things Jamaican), as well as other Caribbean languages, language rights, and the African diaspora in the Americas.
  • Beatriz De Paiva, e-mail: bdepaiva@essex.ac.uk
    Department of Language and Linguistics, teaches Brazilian Portuguese and Brazilian and Portuguese culture. She also teaches and researches Intercultural Pragmatics.
  • Jak Peake, e-mail: jrpeak@essex.ac.uk
    Department of Literature, Film, and Theatre Studies, full-time Lecturer in American Literature, specialist in Caribbean literature.
  • Matthias Röhrig Assuncão, e-mail: assuncao@essex.ac.uk
    Department of History, is a capoeira expert and researches the history of slavery, peasant rebellions and popular culture, particularly in Brazil. Research interests: History of slavery and post-emancipation societies, Agrarian and peasant history, Political history of nineteenth and twentieth century Brazil, Latin American popular culture, Capoeira, combat games and martial arts of the ‘Black Atlantic’.
  • Clara-Lucia Sandoval Villalba, e-mail: csando@essex.ac.uk
    Department of Law, is an expert in international human rights law and in particular the OAS's system for human rights protection and redress. Research interests: Public International Law, International Human Rights, Transitional Justice, Legal Theory, Constitutional Law, Business and Human Rights.
  • Nina Schneider, e-mail: nschne@essex.ac.uk
    Department of History, works on mid-20th century Brazilian history.
  • Maria Teresa Torres, e-mail: torrmi@essex.ac.uk
    Department of Language and Linguistics, teaches Spanish language and culture.
  • Marian de Vooght, e-mail: magde@essex.ac.uk
    Department of Government. Research interests: Political aspects of literary values and esthetic judgement; political discourse in literature; the use of literature and translation for imperialistic purposes.
  • Derek Walcott, e-mail: litadmin@essex.ac.uk
    Department of Literature, Film, and Theatre Studies, Visiting Academic, Professor of Poetry.