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2001/02 British
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Political Choice in Britain 



Cyberinfrastructure and National Election Studies, Wivenhoe House Conference 2007

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Latest Release:

BES 2005 Latest Technical Report (pdf)

on pre-election and post-election face-to-face surveys, post-election telephone surveys, and internet follow-up surveys

Added April 10, 2007


Face-to-Face Survey Data with One-Year Out 

Follow-up Survey 

    SPSS zip or  Stata zip

One-Year Out Internet Questionnaire for Face to Face Respondents

Note on sampling and weight procedures

Post-election internet follow-up

Added August 21, 2006



Four-Wave Panel:  Internet Rolling Campaign Panel Data with One-Year Out Follow-up Survey

   SPSS zip  or  Stata zip
One-Year Out (Internet) Questionnaire
Added July 25, 2006



Internet Rolling Campaign Panel Data with the British Parliamentary Constituency Database 1992-2005 plus the constituency-level party 2005 general election campaign spending data*

SPSS zip or Stata zip

Added May 7, 2006

(Contains survey data plus aggregate constituency-level data)


Face-to-face survey data plus aggregate constituency-level data with political and demographic data, plus the constituency-level party campaign spending data* 

SPSS zip or Stata zip

Added May 7, 2006

* Thanks to Pippa Norris, The Electoral Commission and Charles Pattie** for the aggregate data

** A few seats were given incorrect information and set their campaign spending against the wrong local legal maximum.  The dataset contains a dummy variable created by Charles Pattie which identifies the relevant seats as well as two variables for the legal maximum spending limit: one giving the true maximum and the other giving the erroneous legal maximum.

Aggregate Constituency- and Ward-Level Data Files

Obtaining Face-to-Face Survey Data With Ward Identifiers Request Form 

Neighbourhood Data to be used with the 2005 British Election Study  (.pdf)

Note: The Scottish constituency boundaries were re-drawn, the number reduced to 59 and names changed for the 2005 election. In the added aggregate data material the constituencies are correctly identified as variable: seat05.  

If users wish to link survey data to Scottish constituencies they should use the seat05 variable.


Added January 16, 2006

(Contain aggregate constituency- and ward-level data for respondents in the 2005 BES in-person and internet surveys)


2005 British Election Face- to-Face Survey Data
with Mailback

Available in SPSS or Stata

Updated February 14th 

(Contains validated vote variable (VOTEVAL3) and updated Heath-Goldthorpe five-category social class variables)

Comparative Study of Electoral Systems (CSES) Data 
Available in SPSS or Stata

Internet Rolling Campaign Panel Data

Available in SPSS or Stata



Research and Findings of the BES Team

(requires Adobe Acrobat)


The 2005 General Election in Great Britain

Party Choice and Voter Turnout in Britain, 2005

The Issue Agenda and Voting In 2005

Internet Surveys and Political Attitudes: 
'Feedback to Respondents'
 in the 2005 British Election Study

Does Mode Matter For Modelling Political Choice?
Evidence From the 2005 British Election Study

Recently accepted for publication in Political Analysis




Results from the BES rolling campaign survey



The Oxford University Press book on voting and elections in Britain 
by the British Election Study 2001 principal investigators:

Political Choice in Britain

Links to the book's preface and main table of contents (requires Adobe Acrobat):  

Links to selected chapters (requires Adobe Acrobat):

To buy the book from Oxford University Press, click here.



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