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I have a room available inand the flat isI am looking for a room inor possiblyContact detailsFurther information
North TowersUndergraduateSouth TowersSouth Courts Nurul Ilmi
North TowersUndergraduateSouth CourtsUniversity Quays Farah
North TowersUndergraduateNorth TowersSouth Towers Deniz
I would prefer either of the towers or meadows
North TowersUndergraduateThe MeadowsThe Houses onyu
North TowersPostgraduateThe MeadowsSouth Courts Alex
North TowersUndergraduateUniversity QuaysThe Houses Bilal
North TowersUndergraduateNorth TowersThe Meadows KUN
North TowersUndergraduateThe MeadowsThe Meadows Amhanesi
North TowersUndergraduateThe MeadowsUniversity Quays Robert
Looking for a double bed.
North TowersUndergraduateThe HousesWolfson Court RAYAT
Great accommodation for social events and activities, I would just like
North TowersUndergraduateNorth TowersSouth Towers Imran
Also interested in the couples flat in towers.
North TowersUndergraduateThe HousesSouth Courts Selen
Very fun and social here which is what I want, however I'd like somewhere with more girls.
North TowersUndergraduateThe HousesSouth Courts Selen
Very fun and social here which is what I want, however my flat is mainly boys and I'd like somewhere with more girls.
North TowersPostgraduateNorth TowersThe Houses Makiko
Looking for a quiet room.
North TowersPostgraduateThe MeadowsThe Houses Margarita
North TowersUndergraduateSouth CourtsThe Meadows Marco
Want to live in a room with ensuite bathroom
South CourtsUndergraduateNorth TowersSouth Towers David
South CourtsUndergraduateThe MeadowsUniversity Quays victory
South CourtsUndergraduateSouth CourtsThe Meadows Emily
Mixed gender flat, the room is really spacious. Looking for somewhere more sociable but still within south courts.
South CourtsUndergraduateThe HousesThe Houses Charles
South CourtsUndergraduateThe MeadowsThe Houses CHARLES
South CourtsUndergraduateThe MeadowsUniversity Quays HAOHAO
quays double rooms
South CourtsUndergraduateSouth TowersNorth Towers Georgina
Looking for a bigger flat with shared bathrooms. Great small flat, lovely housemates, en-suite. I would just rather pay less and not have my own bathroom.
South CourtsUndergraduateThe MeadowsThe Houses Zshen Da
I have a roommate who is living with me in the SAME ROOM. (permanent twin room, we both pay half fees)
South CourtsUndergraduateSouth CourtsSouth Courts Georgia
South CourtsUndergraduateNorth TowersNorth Towers Wendy Xiang Ling
Looking for any type of self contained flat.
South CourtsUndergraduateSouth CourtsSouth Courts Kay
Preferably Harwich or Alresford court.
South TowersUndergraduateSouth TowersNorth Towers Jamie
On the bottom floor, more of a quite flat, nice roommates, want to move to a more lively flat.
South TowersUndergraduateThe HousesUniversity Quays Hiu Ching
Any en suite room will be a pleasant, Thanks!!
South TowersUndergraduateSouth TowersNorth Towers Kristina
Spacious flat with a great view. Will suit someone who prefers a quiet floor. Looking for somewhere more social. I don't mind moving to the south courts either.
South TowersUndergraduateSouth CourtsThe Houses Kristina
South TowersUndergraduateThe HousesNorth Towers Mizuki
Essex email address
South TowersUndergraduateNorth TowersWolfson Court Kendra
Looking for a fun, social and relatively clean flat. I would like the mates to be kind and inclusive of new people. Only willing to move after Christmas.
South TowersUndergraduateThe HousesSouth Courts Emelie
Room in South Towers on floor 3, easy to use both stairs and elevator.
South TowersUndergraduateThe MeadowsUniversity Quays Shaunagh
Currently living in a sociable flat, kept clean and not too loud. Will also swap with anyone from South Courts, would just like an en-suite.
South TowersUndergraduateThe HousesThe Houses molly
South TowersUndergraduateSouth CourtsThe Houses Vincy
Lively flat, lovely flatmates. Will suit someone prefer social life. Looking for a quiet place, prefer twin sharing room (budget limited)in south court.
South TowersUndergraduateUniversity QuaysUniversity Quays Laura
Really lovely flat mates, I just want en suite instead
South TowersUndergraduateThe HousesUniversity Quays Uganesvara
South TowersUndergraduateSouth CourtsSouth Courts Zi
The HousesUndergraduateThe MeadowsSouth Courts Reem
The HousesUndergraduateThe HousesSouth Courts Yat Yin
Extremely clean and tidy flatmates. VERY quiet. Absolutely loved the place but looking for a lively and social flat. Would consider all options on campus.
The HousesUndergraduateThe MeadowsUniversity Quays Wing Tung
The MeadowsPostgraduateThe MeadowsUniversity Quays Marina
I'm in a shared bathroom with another person and I'm looking to swap with someone who has an ensuite bathroom.The rent for my accommodation is £131.39 per week
The MeadowsUndergraduateUniversity QuaysThe Meadows Manjon
Looking for an ensuite room with double bed in either quays or meadows, contact me @ if interested.
The MeadowsUndergraduateSouth CourtsSouth Courts Hasnain
The MeadowsUndergraduateSouth CourtsSouth Courts Robert
Looking for an en-suite room preferably Alresford or Harwich.
The MeadowsPostgraduateSouth CourtsUniversity Quays Louis
The MeadowsUndergraduateThe MeadowsSouth Courts HEI TING
I am looking for a room with ensuite bathroom.
The MeadowsUndergraduateSouth CourtsThe Houses Kei Lap
A tidy kitchen and room.
University QuaysUndergraduateThe MeadowsSouth Courts John
Ensuite... Quiet flat... Everybody respects each other's space... Trying to be a bit closer to campus
University QuaysUndergraduateSouth CourtsSouth Courts Ibrahim
University QuaysUndergraduateSouth CourtsSouth Courts Ibrahim
University QuaysPostgraduateThe MeadowsThe Meadows AMANI MOHAMMED HUSSEIN
I want single gender flat in medows female and it should be ensuite
University QuaysUndergraduateSouth CourtsSouth Courts Conor
Harwich Court preferably
University QuaysUndergraduateSouth CourtsSouth Courts Selcuk
I have a double room with a double bed in matthew quays, lovely social flatmates who keep everything tidy. I would like to move to somewhere cheaper and closer to campus.
University QuaysUndergraduateSouth CourtsSouth Courts Nana
University QuaysUndergraduateSouth CourtsThe Houses Nana
Looking for an accommodation on campus with includes an en-suite. Wanting to move to south courts or The houses. My current room is huge, flat is nice and peaceful and everyone is really friendly. Really close to Tesco/Subway/Dominos and Hythe Train Station.
University QuaysUndergraduateThe MeadowsThe Meadows Muhammad
University QuaysUndergraduateThe MeadowsSouth Courts Muhammad
The Meadows/South Courts/The Houses (Potentially Maltings) Feel free to message for any enquiries
University QuaysUndergraduateSouth CourtsSouth Courts Jack
University QuaysPostgraduateThe HousesUniversity Quays Alfanso
I am currently paying £151.90 per week for a double room it is massive. It has a big separate study area and a big double bed. two wardrobe and a big en-suite. I love the room but my funding has been cut so i need a more affordable place. £135 or less rent wise & a slightly quite flat please. contact: facebook; alfanso litchmore or email
University QuaysUndergraduateNorth TowersThe Houses reece
University QuaysUndergraduateSouth CourtsThe Houses Ishaq
Ensuite room
University QuaysUndergraduateUniversity QuaysUniversity Quays Imogen
Looking for a room in Matthew Quays
University QuaysUndergraduateUniversity QuaysUniversity Quays Imogen
Wanting to move to Matthew quays My current room is huge, flat is nice and peaceful and everyone is really friendly
University QuaysUndergraduateThe MeadowsSouth Courts Carlos
University QuaysPostgraduateNorth TowersWolfson Court YINGHONG
University QuaysPostgraduateUniversity QuaysUniversity Quays Rongyu
I want to move to H9 flat6
University QuaysPostgraduateUniversity QuaysUniversity Quays Rongyu
I want to move to H9 flat6
Wolfson CourtUndergraduateWolfson CourtNorth Towers Muhammad Muneeb
Want to move to a single gender flat if it is possible
Wolfson CourtUndergraduateNorth TowersSouth Towers Kellan
Wanting cheaper rent and a more social flat
Wolfson CourtUndergraduateNorth TowersSouth Towers Kellan
Wanting more social flat