Southend Campus room guide

Full details of rooms in The Forum and the Gateway Building are included below.

  • Rooms with numbers starting TF are in The Forum.
  • Rooms with numbers starting GB are in the Gateway Building.
  • The numbering format is For example, TF.2.23 is The Forum, second floor, room 23. GB.5.06 is the Gateway Building, fifth floor, room 6.
  • Find Your Way interactive map
  • The Forum room guide (.pdf)
  • Main reception

    The main reception for our Southend campus is located on the ground floor of the Gateway Building.

  • General services and facilities for students

    Information and advice

    • Information point (IT Services support, Employability and Careers, and Assistant Librarian) - TF.2.02
    • Student Support drop-in room - TF.2.20
    • Student Services counter - TF.2.23
    • Finance counter - TF.2.22
    • Talent Development Centre and Maths Support Centre - TF.2.19

    Students' Union

    • Office - TF.2.43
    • Gateway Building, ground floor (accessible from Elmer Approach)

    Student common room

    • GB.2.32

    Medical facilities

    The Gateway Building has a GP surgery and NHS dental practice in its Health Centre. The Health Centre is located on the first floor and is accessed via a dedicated building entrance.

  • Lecture and seminar rooms

    Lecture theatre

    • TF.0.11

    Lecture rooms

    • TF.0.34
    • TF.0.35
    • TF.2.13
    • TF.2.14
    • TF.2.15
    • TF.2.16
    • GB.M.65 - Lecture room GB.M.65 (Elmer Suite, Mezzanine)
    • GB.2.13 - Lecture room
    • GB.2.18 - Lecture room
    • GB.2.19 - Lecture room
    • GB.2.31 - Lecture room (video conference)
    • GB.2.33 - Lecture room
    • GB.2.35 - Lecture room
    • GB.2.36 - Lecture room
    • GB.2.40 - Lecture room
    • GB.2.41 - Lecture room
    • GB.2.42 - Lecture room
    • GB.2.43 - Lecture room
    • GB.3.45 - Lecture room
    • GB.3.46 - Lecture room
    • GB.3.50 - Lecture room
    • GB.3.52 - Lecture room

    Seminar rooms

    • GB.5.18

  • Library

    The Library for our Southend Campus is located on the ground and first floors of the The Forum.

  • Multi-Faith Chaplaincy

    You have access to a Multi-Faith Chaplaincy, located on the 2nd floor of the Gateway Building, close to the Elmer Suite and student common room.

  • Areas for individual and group study

    You have access to a plethora of study spaces, which are available for you to study individually or in groups. There are also specialist areas, offering state-of-the-art technology allowing you to work on things that matter to you.

  • IT facilities

    IT labs

    • IT Lab 1 - GB.3.53
    • IT Lab 2 - GB.2.34
    • iMac Lab - GB.5.19

    IT pods

    The Forum has ten IT pods housed in TF.2.54 - 58. The pods are available on a first come, first served basis.

    Touchdown points

    Touchdown points are individual height-adjustable computers which are ideal for quickly checking e-mail, submitting work or updating Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels. Touchdown points can be found in TF.2.50 and TF.2.60.

    Touchdown points are also available in the Gateway Building lift lobbies.

  • Department-specific rooms and facilities

    East 15 Acting School

    Gateway Building

    • Dance Studio - GB.3.43
    • Studio A - GB.5.06
    • Studio B - GB.5.09
    • Studio C - GB.5.13
    • Studio D - GB.5.15
    • Studio E - GB.5.25
    • Studio F - GB.5.21
    • Studio G - GB.5.23
    • Studio J - GB.0.29
    • Studio K - GB.0.22

    East 15 Administration Ofiice

    • GB.5.17

    Clifftown Studios

    Teaching spaces

    • Studio 1
    • Studio 2
    • Studio 3
    • Studio 4
    • Studio 5
    • Theatre
    • Seminar J – Seminar room/computer lab


    • Box Office
    • Administration Office
    • Technical Office

    Essex Business School

    • EBS reception - GB.3.70

    Centre for Psychoanalytic Studies

    • TF.2.34

    School of Health and Human Sciences

    • HHS Reception - GB.2.55
    • Multi Skills Lab - GB.1.62
    • Dental Skills Lab - GB.1.64
    • Nursing Skills Lab - GB.2.39

    Tutorial and Meeting Rooms

    • Tutorial Room - GB.2.52
    • Tutorial Room - GB.2.53
    • Tutorial Room - GB.2.54
    • Meeting Room - GB.2.59

  • Business facilities

    The Business Incubation Centre offers office space and meeting rooms.

  • Professional services offices

    • Campus Management - TF.2.30
    • Communications and External Relations - TF.2.33
    • Finance - TF.2.24 (for student enquiries, please visit the Finance counter - TF.2.22)
    • Student Administration - TF.2.24 (for student enquiries, please visit the Student Services counter TF.2.23)
    • Information point (IT Services support, Employability and Careers, and Assistant Librarian) - TF.2.02
    • Hot office - TF.2.40

  • Meeting rooms

    Contact Event Essex to book meeting rooms.

    Standard meeting rooms

    • TF.2.27
    • GB.2.29
    • GB.3.23
    • GB.3.51
    • GB.3.54
    • GB.2.12 (with video conference facilities)

    Other meeting rooms

    • Small meeting/counselling room - TF.2.42
    • Boardroom - TF.2.10
    • Small meeting rooms - TF.2.60A, TF.2.60B (not bookable - first-come, first-served)

  • University Square

    University Square, our student accommodation in Southend, has become a colourful addition to the town's skyline. Just two minutes' walk from The Forum, The Gateway Building, University Square offers over 560 en suite single study-bedrooms.