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University Steering Group (USG)

Chaired by the Vice-Chancellor, the University Steering Group (USG) is the executive leadership team which meets fortnightly during term time and advises the Vice-Chancellor on matters relating to the management of the University. USG prepares and recommends to Council the University's strategic plan and the annual budget and resource allocation and then reviews and monitors implementation of the approved plans and budgets throughout the year.


The University of Essex has three Faculties:

Executive Deans

Each Faculty is headed by an Executive Dean. A Faculty Steering Group meets regularly and consists of:

  • Executive Dean (chair);
  • Head of Departments/Schools (and Centres where applicable) within the Faculty;
  • Deputy Dean (Education); and
  • Faculty Manager

The Executive Dean has line management responsibility of the Deputy Dean (Education) and the Heads of Departments (and Centres) within the Faculty. The Executive Dean is supported by and works closely with the Faculty Manager, who in turn co-ordinates the Faculty Support Team.

Education Committee

The Education Committee is responsible to Senate for the development and recommendation for approval by Senate of the University’s Education Strategy and for oversight and monitoring of the strategy’s effective implementation. The Committee has a number of key responsibilities in relation to the University’s commitment to excellence in Education, including consideration of issues related to all aspects of Education policy and practice across all University awards and oversight of the quality of the student experience in the broadest sense.

Faculty Education Committee

Each of the three Faculties has a Faculty Education Committee, which is responsible for oversight and delivery of all aspects of the University’s Education Strategy within the Faculty. Reporting to the Education Committee, the Faculty Education Committees provide a forum for discussion of student and Education-related matters in the Faculty and strengthen academic links between Departments, Schools and Centres within the Faculty, across the University and with collaborative partners. The Committees also recommend for approval by the Academic Quality and Standards Committee proposals to establish and to discontinue all taught programmes of study within the Faculty and ensure the effective implementation within the Faculty of the University’s policies and procedures for assuring academic quality and standards and enhancing academic quality and the student experience.

Research Committee

Chaired by the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research), the Research Committee has oversight of research strategy at University and departmental levels. On behalf of Senate, the Committee is responsible for monitoring and reviewing progress and development of the University's research performance and for preparing the University's submission to the Research Excellence Framework. The Committee has a number of key responsibilities in relation to the University’s commitment to excellence in research, including establishing and promoting models of good practice for the management of research and advising departments on the strategic use of the centrally-provided research funds available to them.