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Celebration of 50 years

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Our first 50 years have been shaped by life-changing experiences, internationally-recognised research discoveries and, at times, riotous challenges. Find out how we celebrated our 50th anniversary.

The University of Essex is a corporation formed by Royal Charter and holds charitable status.

Three main bodies are involved in the governance of the University:

Day-to-day management of the University is the responsibility of the Vice-Chancellor and the University Steering Group (USG).

Our strategy

Our strategy

We have ambitious plans for the future of our University as we approach our 50th anniversary. Our strategy and vision is to be a university with global impact and an international reputation that is unparalleled for a university of our size.

Top 10 facts

Top 10 facts

Did you know eighteenth century landscape artist John Constable painted Wivenhoe Park? Or that ours was the first university to launch the anonymous student-run telephone support helpline Nightline? Check out the fascinating facts that make us unique.

Podcast series

Construction of our Colchester Campus

Our podcast series, 'Creating a University', tells the story of Essex from its earliest days - through interviews with people who were there, including students, staff from all levels and local residents.