Summer School

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Our Big Data and Analytics Summer School offers a wide range of courses on cutting-edge topics in data analytics, offered at various levels. Enjoy social and networking events with fellow professionals, graduates and students.

Modern technologies are constantly changing and reshaping the way we interact with the world and each other. The speed at which individuals, businesses, organisations and governments are generating data is increasing at an unprecedented rate.

Making sense of all this data, deriving new insights and supporting better decisions requires not just new methods and techniques but also posing smarter questions. We look beyond the hype and focus on the real challenges, opportunities, commercialisation and social use of data.

We bring together academic experts in analytics and data science from across our University to offer cutting-edge research, specialist courses and vital insights for business.

Our strengths

  • Interdisciplinary Institute covering data issues from the scientific and technological to the sociological and legal
  • Cutting-edge research
  • Specialist training programmes
  • Specialist research facilities including secure data storage
  • Working in partnership with businesses and other organisations

Our experts

Maria Fasli

Our data experts come from diverse fields including computer science, maths, biological sciences, economics, finance, humanities, human rights and law, enabling us to look at broader societal issues as well as technical challenges.


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We offer courses in data analysis and science in many different subject fields. Boost your career with a specialist Masters or carry out your doctoral research under the supervision of our world-leading academics.


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Data science is transforming business. Don't get left behind. Work with us to learn how you can use big data to inform your decisions. No matter what your size and sector, we can help with any data challenges you face.